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The Summer special edition of the ENNE Newsletter is ready to be discovered and it is mostly dedicated to tourism. 

After a brief introduction, below you will find all the information related to the network of schools involved in the project and this is a great opportunity to further promote the schools’ cities and regions, as well asto focus the attention on the economic impacts of tourism in Europe.

Tourism is a growing sector, whose initiatives managed to re-boosting abandoned and forgotten areas giving them a new life and providing job opportunities for many young people. 
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Every month we will share the most relevant news, events, and resources in the field of VET, including information about our network members and any other organization that wants to share its good practices in the field of VET!

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Connectief is an intermediate organisation  supporting actions leading to a smooth flow of pupils or course participants in labor market-oriented training to the labor market. Connectief facilitates this crucial step from training to work through projects. The ultimate goal is to support students and trainees to go through a conscious learning trajectory, focussed at integration of new technologies, digitalisation & innovation and acquiring corresponding / required competences. Connectief focuses with the activities on all learners within the active working population in Flanders.

Let's us introduce you to the new Belgian partner of the ENNE Project:




Digital Skills in Europe for young people

In 2019, four in five young people (80%) aged 16 to 24 in the European Union (EU) had basic or above basic digital skills. This was 24 percentage points (pp) higher than the share of individuals aged 16 to 74 (56%).

Source: Eurostat European Commission

Erasmus Programme:
The benefits of schools

Erasmus Programme, all organisations that want to arrange Erasmus mobility projects for their learners and staff between 2021 and 2027 will be accreditated. All the mobility opportunities for learners, educators and other staff at all levels of education aim to build more inclusive, stronger, and long-lasting partnerships with schools, VET providers and adult education organisations.
Deadlines: 29th October 2020.

What does it mean for the organisations?

  • Stable funding;
  • An opportunity to grow and explore;
  • The possibility of defining your own strategy;
  • Investing in the future;



The city of historical architecture and stunning views: Dresden

Dresden always used to be and still is the capital of the Federal State of Saxony. Situated in the Elbe Valley and surrounded by hills and vineyards you don’t need to go far to get a stunning view of the old town and the surroundings.


Belgium, the great country in the north of Europe

Located between France, the Netherlands, and Germany, Belgium seems small but it is big in its versatility and therefore worth a visit.
From the coast on the North Sea to the wooded south you will encounter a lot of nature, history, culture and good food.

From north to south: All the beauty Italy has to offer

Let’s start our journey in the north of Italy in Montferrat’s area (Piedmont). There you will have the chance to discover the city of Asti, famous for its beautiful hills and located in the eastern part of Turin along the banks of the river Tanaro.

Bulgaria, the great opportunities for your holidays

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the most ancient cities in Europe, it was inhabited since at least the 30th millennium BC. Sofia has many natural and cultural landmarks.

Portugal, itinerary of ENNE cities

The summer is here and with it came the desire to go out, to visit and see different places. Portugal has the privilege to have a magnificent diversity of landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and a unique combination between tradition and contemporaneity.

The city of trade and classical music: Leipzig

Leipzig, well known since the middle-ages for its fairs and markets, is with around 570.000 the largest city in the state of Saxony and still the economic hub of the region. It also became a centre of art and learning, as well as an important centre for the book trade.

Yambol, a city in the south-eastern region of Bulgaria

Yambol is a city in the south-eastern region of Bulgaria and is the capital of the Yambol Province, a region bordering with Turkey. With roots dating back to ancient Thrace, Yambol has a rich history but is a thoroughly modern town.

Ztara Zagora in Bulgaria

Stara Zagora is a city in southern Bulgaria, one of the main economic centers in the country. It is the sixth-largest city in Bulgaria, located in the historical region of Thrace.

Pomorie in Bulgaria

Pomorie is an ancient city and a seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria, located on a narrow rocky peninsula in Burgas Bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It has a population of circa 14000  inhabitants.


Commission's guidance on how to safely resume travel and reboot Europe's tourism in 2020 and beyond

Tourism is a major economic activity in the European Union with a wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment, and social development. It can be a powerful tool in fighting economic decline and unemployment. Nevertheless, the tourism sector faces a series of challenges.
The European Commission works to address these with policies and actions, for this reason on 15 June 2020 they launched Re-open EU. The website and mobile provide real-time information on borders and available transport and tourism services in EU countries.

European Destinations of Excellence 

Have you ever heard of EDEN? This is the acronym of European Destinations of Excellence. It is a project promoting sustainable tourism development models across Europe. This one launched in 2006 is based on national competitions - decided by the Commission with an annual theme - that takes place every year and result in the selection of a tourist "destination of excellence" for each participating country. 
The aims of the project are:
  • promote sustainable tourism,
  • enhance the visibility of emerging and lesser-known tourist destinations in Europe,
  • create awareness of Europe's tourism diversity and quality
On 19 July 2020, the Commission announced the award of the 2019 European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) to 17 European tourist destinations. Let's discover what they are. 

Source: EDEN




“Multicultural work experience for successful career start – JobStart”

JobStart project partnership includes National High School in Finance and Business – Sofia, School of Commerce – Burgas, Vocational High School of Economics – Yambol and Europrojects Foundation.


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