3° ENNE Newsletter May 2020
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For the 3rd edition of the ENNE Project Newsletter, we have designed a meaningful image.
In the opening photo there is a chessboard: it expresses everything we are living right now due to the Coronavirus pandemic and it indicates the prospects for the near future as well.
The next steps to get back to “normality” will be characterized by some important and necessaries rules to ensure social distancing and preserve both our health and the health of the people around us.

However, despite the difficulties, many people have had and are still having the opportunity to discover and learn new things thanks to the digital tools provided for free by different apps, platforms and websites.
Many jobs have experienced great changes and many more are yet to come.
Each European country is responding to the Coronavirus pandemic in different ways, according to their health, economic and social situation.
But there is something that we all share: this change is leading to new horizons that will shape our next future!

Every month we will share the most relevant news, events and resources in the field of VET, including information about our network members and any other organisation that wants to share its good practices in the field of VET!

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The present is now, not tomorrow. The world is rapidly changing but, instead of chasing everything without even thinking, we should stop and live the present. Right now. We have the chance to enjoy the moment and think about what we can do to build something different.




Europass is a portfolio of five documents, designed to make skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood across Europe; the online CV is one of them. According to the analysis conducted by CEDEFOP, the lockdown measures implemented by governments in response to the pandemic seem to have had a direct impact on online Europass CV: from March 2019 to March 2020 there is a decrease of 36.5%.


Online teaching was a direct result of the corona virus. 
In response to national regulations on the closure of schools and all activities don't use primary goods or services, teachers and students had to change the way they set up their teaching and learning work.
It was difficult at first, but an interesting article published in EPALE shows that the benefits are manifold.
The main ones are:

  • Capturing content;
  • Environmental sustainability;  
  • Freedom from location; 
  • A different financial imperative;
  • Tracking engagement and participation; 
  • Collegiality and support;
  • Structured teaching materials;
  • Efficiency gains; 
  •  Opening up multiple information sources to students; 
  • Collaborative spaces for common ideas;
  • Structured discussion and activity based learning;
  • Facing the fear; 
  • Entrepreneurship, and engaging learners with technology.





Welcome to ENNE Network:
Belgium, we still remain open for you

Exchange, sharing, and interaction is the base for all the VET fields. The professional areas are allowing, for as many fields as possible, a wide proposition of continuous learning where young students want to learn can find personal fulfillment at an early age.
Germany: Back to school?

Since 22 April 2020 the first students in Saxony are back at school, but we have to consider that Germany has a federal system, so there are differences in when and how pupils return to schools.
Virtually present and connected
For the moment, distance learning is rule in Portugal. It is the most viable option, but not all students have the necessary conditions.
Italy: ECHO Project
European Culture and History Outlines: an exchange of Good Practices project aimed to support learning History through the cooperation between 5 Schools from 5 European countries: Greek, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Italy.
European Statistics Olympiad
Team CAYENNE_Z from the National High School in Finance and Business. They won first place at the national round of the European Statistics Olympiad in 2020 in category A.

EGInA, in collaboration with some Schools of the Italian Network, organized two online focus groups aimed to investigate the challenges and opportunities of the VET sector. Interesting insights were proposed by the participants who underlined the importance of improving VET image and attractiveness and the actions that could be made to overcome its unattractiveness.
Next virtual Focus Groups will be carried out in the upcoming weeks in collaboration with three VET High Schools across Italy.


The consequences of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak negatively affects ongoing or planned activities under the Erasmus+ programme and European Solidarity Corps. The European Commission’s main objective is the safety and protection of all Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps participants, while fully respecting all the containment measures taken at national level. 
The Commission will continue to adapt its response to this unprecedented situation as it evolves, clarifying and simplifying the application or rules and procedures where necessary in cooperation with Erasmus+ National Agencies and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

Focus on learners, don't forget them during this Covid-19 crisis!
COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global public health crisis, a danger to social and economic cohesion across our communities. It is also a threat to education and training systems’ stability and sustainability, a red flag for the need to upskill teachers, educators and trainers, and ultimately to massively invest in education and training. 
The mental health of all people remains sensationally untold, the fight against COVID-19 and the tight isolation measures bear deep psychological consequences on all of us: anxiety, depression, fear for ourselves and for our loved ones, inertia, stress, and many more yet to surface. This is a part of the Statement published by LLP.
Ministries of Education in Europe and all stakeholders involved in, let's focus on:
  • All digital tools/platform can be used as support;
  • Stimulate teachers’ training;
  • Funds for disadvantaged children and families;
  • Let the marginalised learners to truly benefit from online learning.




Skills Act 4 VET Project

Skills Act 4 VET is a tool to help students aged 14-18 carrying out short-term mobility programmes abroad, teachers preparing and supporting the activities and companies which host students to organise the internships better.

Athens: Adult School, prints face shields for hospitals

DIEK Aigaleo is participating in the mobilization carried out by various organizations, such as the  Hellenic Informatics Union, ELLAK and the group of volunteers Hellas COVID 19 3 D Printing Supplies, proceeded with the production of face shields masks for hospitals.

Read the complete article on EPALE >>


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