From Saltaire to Skinningrove
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Burdall and Dunn went to Skinningrove...

Early in January I documented the progress of a painting . "... and Burdall went to Skinningrove" which is based on a photograph of, yes you guessed it, Skinningrove by Ian Burdall.  At the end of each day I posted a photo on Facebook to show how the painting was progressing and had a fantastic response from friends and family... lots of encouragement, especially from the Burdalls, when painting was becoming back breaking and at times frustrating.  This was before I'd revamped my website and in a sense was the inspiration for creating an interactive site as not only did the feedback keep me going with the painting, but a large number of people enjoyed seeing the painting progress, watching a blank canvas transform into something they could recognise as a seascape.  A summary of this work in progress can be viewed on my blog.

It is very unusual for me to paint from a photograph which isn't one I've taken myself or at least been present when the photograph was taken.  So after spending 7 days back to back working on a painting of a place that I'd never visited the only thing I could do was go there with the Burdalls to check it out. The original painting will be heading off to the Maiden Bridge summer show at the beginning of May.  

Exhibition News

So I've been accepted to exhibit for the Saltaire Arts Trail which is running from 25-27 May 2013. This will be the 7th year that I’ve exhibited and opened up 6 Harold Place and did you know that 6 Harold Place is the only house which has opened up it’s doors since the arts trail began?  So in celebration of the seven years working with Saltaire Arts Trail I’ll be producing a whole new collection of work.  So do come and visit us, the garden will be in full bloom and looking glorious in the beautiful sunshine which we’ve ordered specially for that weekend!
Cotra Breast

Helm Crag has now been added to the collection at the Biscuit Factory, Newcastle until 8 March 2013.
Hardknott Pass

Hardknott Pass is one of my recent paintings which is now available at The Old Grammar School Gallery based in Otley.
and Burdall went to Skinningrove

Giclee prints are now available of "and Burdall went to Skinnigrove" from The Old Grammar School gallery.
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