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Dear Mike -

This week I (Sarah) presented at the Effective Manager and Effective Communicator Conferences in Palo Alto. What made this conference special was that Mark joined us for the EMC day. All of us live in different locations so seeing one another is rare. During the day we chatted about the last time we saw one another; I had a feeling it had been 6 months or so. Mark remembered that the last time we saw one another was in Chicago during our presenter offsite. It didn’t occur to me until later that the presenter offsite was in December 2015. It had been a year since we had seen each other.
Then during the ECC I had an individual ask how we communicate and get together being that we are so spread out. My response was that we keep in touch with video, phone, iMessage and email. As far as ‘getting together’ as a company is concerned, we don’t really. Again, I didn’t see the oddity in this until I realized that I’ve been with Manager Tools since July 2014 and have never actually seen Wendii in person.
At our conferences managers often ask us how they can do one on ones, deliver feedback, coach and delegate to people with whom they spend little to no time? How do they build relationships when they don’t have the opportunity to spend any time together? The answer is simple really, communicate. Communicate so much that you forget when you haven’t seen one another in over a year. Communicate so much that you forget you’ve never actually met in person. Being in the same place at the same time doesn’t build relationships, communicating builds relationships.
Learn how to communicate more at our Effective Manager Conference and how to make the most of that time at our Effective Communications Conference. We can’t help you get in the same room as your directs but we can help you communicate with them in such a way that being in the same room isn’t what brings you together.

The Manager Tools Team
At our Effective Manager Conference (EMC) learn and practice our Management Trinity: One On Ones, Feedback, Coaching, and Delegation. Registration is only $1100 or add it to your ECC registration for only $700.

When you attend our 
Effective Communicator Conference (ECC) you'll learn how to communicate in a way that reduces conflict and increases harmony, which leads to better results. Add our ECC to your EMC registration for only $700 or attend the ECC only for $1100.

Stop hiring your own problems by hiring better!  Learn and practice how at our 
Effective Interviewer Conference.  Registration for the EIC is $1500 per person to learn the single most important behavior you do as a manager. 
2017 Conference Calendar
Atlanta, GA 
April 4 - 5:  EMC & ECC
October 3 - 4:  EMC & ECC

Boston, MA 
May 23 - 24:  EMC & ECC

Charlotte, NC
June 20 - 21:  EMC & ECC

Chicago, IL
February 14 - 16:  EMC, ECC & EIC
May 2 - 3:  EMC & ECC
July 25 - 26:  EMC & ECC
October 10 - 11:  EMC & ECC
December 13 - 14:  EMC & ECC

Dallas, TX 
March 7 - 8:  EMC & ECC
October 31 - November 1
:  EMC & ECC

Denver, CO 
September 28 - 29:  EMC & ECC

Frankfurt, Germany
October 3 - 4:  EMC & ECC

Los Angeles, CA 
June 6 - 7:  EMC & ECC

Newark, NJ 
April 18 - 19:  EMC & ECC
July 18 - 20:  EMC, ECC & EIC
October 24 - 25:  EMC & ECC

Palo Alto, CA 
April 11 - 13:  EMC, ECC, & EIC
June 27 - 28:  EMC & ECC
September 12 - 14:  EMC, ECC, & EIC

December 5 - 6:  EMC & ECC

Portland, OR 
March 21 - 22:  EMC & ECC

San Antonio, TX 
June 13 - 14:  EMC & ECC

San Diego, CA 
February 28 - March 1:  EMC & ECC
November 28 - 29:  EMC & ECC

Seattle WA 
November 7 - 8:  EMC & ECC

Sydney, AU 
October 10 - 11:  EMC & ECC

Toronto, ON 
March 14 - 15:  EMC & ECC

Vancouver, BC 
August 15 - 16:  EMC & ECC

Washington, DC 
February 7 - 8:  EMC & ECC
May 9 - 10:  EMC & ECC
August 8 - 9:  EMC & ECC
November 14 - 16:  EMC, ECC & EIC
If you'd like to attend our EMC or ECC but your organization won't reimburse you, we're happy to offer a special price.  Attend either single day for $900 or both days for $1600 -- a $200 savings.  Email us and we'll be happy to help you register.
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