3 Secrets of a Happy Team

As you know, we’re currently having our Effective Relationships series QA’d by a cadre of licensee volunteers.  One comment made me really think, in part because I remember Mark and I doing exactly the same thing on a recording we did last night.   The volunteer said: “At least once Mark said something followed by Wendii saying something that seemed contrary followed by happy agreement”.
I think our ability to do this is part of what makes us a happy team, and it comes from three things:
We all believe in the mission more than our own egos.  If tomorrow my job consisted of packing boxes and sticking stamps on envelopes, I’d do it.  If I need to be subordinate to anyone, in the interest of the mission I’ll do it.  And so would everyone else here.
We appreciate each other’s strengths.  When I’m talking about something, I’m generally only thinking about one situation.  Mark is much better than I am about applying the guidance in multiple situations simultaneously and finding places where it might not apply or apply differently.  That’s why we can appear to disagree, and yet be in happy agreement.  Mike is easily the most creative of us, and Dani the most organized, despite their DiSC profiles suggesting the opposite.
None of us are afraid to be wrong.  If I say something, and Mark gives a circumstance in which my statement would be wrong, that’s a GOOD thing.  If the podcast stopped at my statement, we might be giving false guidance to the 5% of people in Mark’s circumstance.  If I’m wrong, then his correction is the right thing for our audience.
Please don’t take from this that any of us are perfect.  We do have egos.  We do have days when we annoy each other, and I certainly have days when I want to defend my idea way past when it should be defended.  These are behaviors I strive for every day.  The more days I get it, the happier I am, and the better our team is.  


We've been thinking about how we can utilise our Linkedin groups better and make them useful for you.  

What kind of things do you use Linkedin for (apart from keeping up with your contacts of course)?  What kinds of things would you like to see us doing on there?

Email us at  We can't wait to hear your ideas.

no. 142 | 13 August 2013

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