Ready For The New Year?

I (Wendii) just heard a thousand sighs as you read this headline.  I know – some of you have only just finished your Thanksgiving leftovers.  You still haven’t decided what to buy your brother-in-law for Christmas.  You’re barely over Hanukkah, and you’re thinking about the meal you’re going to cook for family for the 25th of December. 
In the back of your mind are the beginnings of your new year’s resolutions.  They’re the same as last year.  Lose weight, save money, change jobs, get a promotion.  And you already feel guilty that you didn’t achieve them this year.
Is it any wonder we struggle when we have all of this going on in our heads?  It doesn’t even include being fair to the in-laws, what you’re making for dinner tonight, that thorny problem at work, the stacked up magazines and journals you meant to read and does the cat need to go to the vet for his cold?
Give yourself a break.  Decide what is really important and get rid of the rest.  Take that pile of magazines and throw them in the trash.  Call someone to fix that shelf that’s driving you crazy but you don’t have time to fix.  Make a decision about the in-laws and leave them to their own feelings about it.  Give yourself 15 minutes on Amazon and have purchased something for your brother-in-law.  A lot of the things we have in our heads are only important there. 
When it comes to your new year’s resolutions: choose one.  If ‘change jobs’ is on your list, do that one first. The job market is most fluid in January and February, and there will be more opportunities now than later in the year.  Take time now, while it’s acceptable to reach out to people that you talk to rarely, to warm up your network and get ready to be actively looking in the new year.   Instead of thinking about it, take action to prepare.

Changes To Mark's Schedule

Since last week's announcement about conferences Mark is scheduled to deliver, we have already made changes.  You can find the updated list here if you didn't see our email yesterday.  

Please note that these aren't commitments.  Our schedules change all the time according to the needs of the business and clients just like yours do :-)  However, if you want to know where Mark is schedule right now, that's the place to look.

Also on that page, you'll find details of your last chances to get 2014 conference places at 2013 prices, and a special offer for those of you paying your own way.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014!

no. 159 | 10 December  2013

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