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I (Dani) often hear at conferences “The Trinity won't work in my organization because we're a non-profit or social services agency.” Sometimes these statements persist after I explain that I’ve used the Trinity as a manager in three different non-profits, from a large, national organization (American Cancer Society) to a small, local food bank. Each time my results were great.   
So this makes me wonder what's really going on. Why do managers in small companies think it will only work in big companies while managers in big organizations claim it will be easier in small ones? Why do people in software companies think it’s surely much easier in a manufacturing business? Why do so many people think it will be easier or better or accepted faster in any organization except the one they work in?
I recently realized it’s because change is hard. And implementing the Trinity requires a manager to change his or her behavior. It’s much simpler to find a reason why the new behavior isn’t necessary. It’s a free pass with a logical reason.  I get it now because I do the same thing when I tell myself it’s okay to skip my run because I just finished presenting two days of conferences. But just like I can’t expect to be in better shape after skipping three weeks of runs, we can’t expect different results as managers if we don’t change our behavior.
If you come to a conference and tell me it won’t work where you work, I’ll understand that I’m asking you to do something differently. And hopefully I can tell you I did my run that day.  Change is hard. I’ll go first.

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no. 153 | 29 October 2013

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