Convenience vs Inconvenience

I'm a big fan of using technology to make my life easier.  I have Flycut, which saves my last 40 cuts to paste.  I have Lastpass which allows me to save my passwords, fill in forms with multiple addresses and a bunch of other things.  I always save my profile on websites so that I don’t have to enter all my details later.  There’s some risk to this, I know, but the time it saves me is worth it.
Recently though, I lost my wallet and had to have my bank cards reordered.  Every time I went to buy anything ANYWHERE online, the payment didn’t go through and I had to enter all those details again.  None of my repeating payments went through and in some cases I actually had to write a check, find an envelope and put a stamp on it.  Ugh.
While I was in this period, I was quite grumpy about it.  It was very inconvenient.  Later, when I was over my funk, I thought about all the time I’ve saved over the last year of having my original cards, and all the time I save when I set up my email, my documents, my phone, and every other technological wonder in my house.  It’s an inconvenient to have to redo some parts of that, but it’s much less than the time I save overall.  Stephen Covey calls setting yourself up to be efficient ‘sharpening the saw’.  Now my saw is sharp again, and I’m back to peak efficiency.  It turned out to be just a minor inconvenience.  What can you do today to make tomorrow more efficient?

O3 Forms

Please send us YOUR version of the One-on-One form.  The O3 forms have always been available in doc form for you to alter as makes sense to you.  Recently we were sent a version from our friend Rob Hooft, which made us realize that sharing those versions more broadly would be helpful.

So, if you made a change which makes the form work better, translated it into your language or created an electronic varient, and you'd like to share with the rest of the Manager Tools community, please send us your version.  We'll get them up on the website under tools/downloadable forms as soon as we can.  Send them to  Thank you for helping your fellow managers.  

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