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2021 HIC and PIT Count Data Submission Guidance Released and Registration Reminder for Upcoming PIT Count Office Hours – April 20, 2021

The 2021 Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and Point-in-Time (PIT) Count Data Submission Guidance is now available. This guidance describes how to submit 2021 HIC and PIT count data into HDX 1.0. In addition to usual data submission guidance, this guide also includes updated instructions on:

  • Entering Emergency Solutions Grants – Coronavirus (ESG-CV) Projects in the HIC
  • Counting Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Emergency Housing Assistance (EHA) Inventory and Clients in the HIC and the Sheltered PIT Count
  • Accounting for Grant Per Diem (GPD) Projects with Clients in Hotel/Motel Beds
  • Entering Partial Unsheltered PIT Count Data into HDX

Upcoming Webinar

HUD is also hosting a PIT Count Office Hours this Tuesday, April 20, 2021 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM EDT. The focus of this office hours is submitting 2021 PIT count and HIC data and the session will provide guidance on the topics covered in the 2021 HIC and PIT Count Data Submission Guidance. The end of the call will be reserved to answer any questions you have about submitting 2021 PIT count and HIC data.

You may register in advance or join at the time of the event by accessing the following link:

Register/Join the April 2021 PIT Count Office Hours

When entering your details to join the event, the event password – “PIT” – will auto-fill. The password should not be edited. If the password does not appear or is accidentally deleted, please enter “PIT” for the event password to join the office hours.

Additional Resources

The 2021 PIT Count and HIC Guidance and Training tab will continue to be updated with new resources. Current resources include:

To view all of HUD’s PIT count and HIC resources, visit the PIT and HIC Guides, Tools, and Webinars page. This is a one-stop site where communities can access all of HUD’s guidance on how to plan and implement their PIT counts. The resources include past PIT Count Office Hours, the PIT Count Methodology Guide, survey tool resources, and other planning and implementation resources.


If you have any questions about submitting your 2021 PIT and HIC data that are not covered in the resources listed above, please visit the Ask A Question (AAQ) portal. To submit a question to the HDX AAQ portal, select “HDX Homelessness Data Exchange (including AHAR, HIC, LSA, PDX, PIT, Stella, Sys PM)” from the “My question is related to” dropdown list on Step 2 of the question submission.

Visit the HUD Exchange at https://www.hudexchange.info
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