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NDRC Competition Guidance on Form SF-LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

In response to some last-minute questions about form completion, HUD is making available to all applicants for their information and review this response to a question posed to resilientrecovery@hud.gov. Thank you.


We have a question about the SF-LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying Activities. What if our particular State agency does not have a federal lobbyist to list on the Form SF-LLL, can we state we don’t have one and fill in Not Applicable?


Our attorneys have just gotten back to us with an answer to your question.

Please refer to the General Section of the NOFA, Section III.C.4.g., which refers to the Byrd Amendment. The applicant must disclose the required information on the SF-LLL. Under the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, Section 102(c) notes that the governor or chief elected official of a state or commonwealth may designate a state agency to submit an application to HUD and administer any grant that may be awarded.

In this instance, then, the designated potential recipient of any funds, as per the Byrd Amendment, would be the agency designated to submit the application.  This is the same agency, as per the definition of the word, “Applicant,” within the Program section of the NOFA that signs the certifications (i.e., submits the SF-424), is the entity responsible for implementing activities, and signs the Grant Agreement.  Your response on this form is less of a concern in Phase 1, where no funds are awarded, and will be more relevant to any potential Phase 2 application.

Please also refer to Q189, Q210, and Q216 in the FAQs for additional guidance on the submission of the SF-LLL and other Standard Forms.

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