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Reminder: FY2012 CoC Registration - CoC Review
Deadline to Submit is 4:59:59 PM ET Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This message does not apply to project applicants submitting project applications.

All CoCs intending to participate in the FY2012 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition must go back into e-snaps to submit their final CoC review of HUD’s determination of the registration into e-snaps by Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by 4:59:59 pm Eastern Time. HUD has completed all of the CoC Registration reviews. If you do not see your CoC Review folder yet in e-snaps, please continue to check the system as not all registration reviews are posted at the same time.

  • CoCs that disagree with the HUD review of their registrations MUST submit their disagreement no later than COB Tuesday, October 16th to allow HUD time to review the CoC’s reason for disagreement and issue the final determination by noon Wednesday, October 17th. ALL CoC registrations MUST be finalized by 4:59:59 PM Wednesday, October 17th as the e-snaps system will close.
  • During the registration review, HUD uploaded corrected GIW(s) and corrected the Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) for most CoCs. As many CoCs are aware, the Administration Costs column did not calculate properly on the GIWs which resulted in an incorrect ARD amount. HUD corrected the calculation error and, in most cases, this changed the Annual Renewal Demand. The GIW with the corrected Administration Costs was also attached during HUD review. Your CoC should have already received the final, corrected GIW; if not, contact your HUD Field Office immediately.
  • CoCs that fell under the $10,000 amount for CoC Planning Costs will have an opportunity to request up to $10,000 during the FY2012 CoC Program application process. The planning costs in e-snaps did not allow for an amount above the 1.25 percent of the CoC FPRN; therefore, those CoCs that fell below $10,000 were not able to increase the amount to $10,000. For those CoCs affected by this error, HUD has placed the following note in the registration review: “HUD is aware that e-snaps did not correctly calculate the minimum CoC Planning amount of $10,000. As your CoC fell under the $10,000 amount for CoC planning costs during the application process, the CoC may request up to $10,000 on the CoC Planning Project Application.”
CoCs will see “CoC Review” under the Funding Opportunity Name/Step Name on the “Submissions” page in e-snaps, which means that their registration is ready for review, approval, and submission by the CoC.

CoC Registration Review

The e-snaps training module located on the e-snaps Training website titled CoC Registration: Applicant Profile, CoC Registration, and CoC Review has the step-by-step process CoCs need to follow for this final stage of the registration process. The CoC review information begins on page 84 of the training module.

Any CoC that fails to submit its final CoC Registration by 4:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 will NOT be able to apply for funds in the FY2012 CoC competition. Only CoCs that successfully submitted the final CoC review to HUD will be able to access the CoC Consolidated Application for the FY2012 CoC competition.

All technical questions must be submitted to the “e-snaps CoC Competition” program/system on the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk. Program policy questions should be submitted under “CoC Program” on the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk.

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