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Reminder: NSP2 and NSP-TA January 2014 Quarterly Reporting in FederalReporting.gov

The Federal Reporting period for NSP2 and NSP-TA is January 1-14, 2014. You are encouraged to submit your report as early as possible, ideally no later than Tuesday January 14, 2014. If you are new to Federal Reporting, it is recommended that you visit the HUD Recovery website.

Section 1512 of the Recovery Act requires that all recipients, sub-recipients and contractors of Recovery Act funding report on a number of data elements, such as jobs and dollars spent. Timetable references to sub-recipient reporting refer to situations where the grantee (prime recipient) has delegated direct reporting responsibility in FederalReporting.gov to sub-recipients. When a grantee is handling all Federal Reporting data entry itself, the grantee is to review and verify the information provided to them by their sub-recipients prior to data entry.

NSP2 and NSP-TA grantees must continue to report into FederalReporting.gov even if they have expended all of their NSP2 grant funds. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded grantees can only mark reports final when all or nearly all ARRA funds associated with the award have been invoiced and received, no additional jobs will be funded, and the project status is complete per agency requirements. Projects funded under NSP2 are not considered completed until they have met a national objective.

If you have trouble reporting, please call the help desk at 1-877-508-7386 or send a detailed email to FederalReportingHelpDesk@ratb.gov. Please remember that the help desk is not open on weekends or holidays, and recipients are encouraged to report as early as possible.

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