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HUD Requests HPRP Program Participant Outcomes Information and Promising Practices/Success Stories

HPRP Program Participant Outcomes

In order to understand the impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP) on the local level, HUD is interested in identifying communities that have evaluated (formally or informally) or otherwise documented effects and outcomes of HPRP assistance. Sharing this information with HUD is optional. However, HUD is particularly interested in obtaining any information grantees might have related to housing outcomes of program participants after the HPRP assistance ended. This includes any local evaluation efforts that attempted to understand program outcomes for participants who received prevention assistance separately from (or compared to) participants who received rapid re-housing assistance.  HUD is also seeking information about any other outcomes grantees may have identified (e.g., children were not removed from their homes).

For example: 
One grantee informed HUD that it had reached out to program participants 6 months after they exited the program, to determine whether they had remained housed, and tracked the number and percentage of program participants who were still housed, as well as the cost:
  • For over 7000 persons and 2700 households assisted with HPRP rapid re-housing AND homelessness prevention assistance, over 98 percent did not return to the continuum of care after exiting HPRP. The average cost was $4,500 per household ($1,700 per individual). 
Another grantee provided HUD with data from HMIS on returns to homelessness:
  • Between September 2009 and September 2012, 146 households received rapid re-housing assistance in the County. Of these households:
               - 65 percent of the households have had no further contact with the
                  CoC after receiving HPRP financial assistance or case
               - 28 percent of the households received subsequent services but did
                  not become homeless again.
               - 6 percent of the households had subsequent stays in emergency
                  shelter or transitional housing.

These are examples – HUD welcomes the submission of all types of local evaluations, studies, and findings. No particular format is required. As a reminder, any local evaluation of HPRP should have been paid for by the grantee’s own funds since grantee program evaluation was not an eligible HPRP cost. It is important to note that undertaking this type of evaluation was not required, nor is submitting any data collected to HUD. HUD will analyze any information obtained and may post results of this analysis on the HPRP page of the OneCPD Resource Exchange.  

HUD greatly appreciates HPRP grantees’ assistance in providing this information.

HPRP Promising Practices and Success Stories

HUD is looking to highlight more HPRP “Promising Practices and Individual Success Stories” and will add any new stories to those currently posted on the HPRP page of the HRE. These stories highlight:
  • The successful strategies of communities or programs that have used HPRP to improve planning/coordination and achieve results. 
  • Personal success stories from individuals or families helped through HPRP.
Submitting Your Success Stories

HUD encourages communities to submit examples of how they have used HPRP to effect change in their communities and homeless continuum, and to positively impact program participants’ lives. HUD is especially seeking stories about a community’s transition to the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) program and any lessons learned from HPRP that have been newly implemented as a part of ESG.

To submit a story, please request the template through the OneCPD Ask-A-Question system by following these steps:
  • Select OneCPD Ask-A-Question
  • Input the required information and select Step 2
  • Select Confirm Information
  • Select "ESG: Emergency Solutions Grants" for "My question is related to"
  • Submit Your Question

Visit the OneCPD Resource Exchange at https://www.onecpd.info
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