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SPEAK UP: Combating Barriers to Fair Housing for Veterans Live Online Forum - April 26, 2013 - 2:00 pm EDT

The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban and Development, New England Region Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) presents a live and open dialogue about fair housing opportunity available to and housing discrimination faced by American veterans. 

According to HUD’s latest estimates there are 636,000 homeless people in the U.S., and more than 67,000 of them – 14% of homeless adults – are military veterans. This on-line live panel discussion and call-in broadcast will feature a presentation and discussion among expert practitioners, advocates, service providers and HUD staff examining the intersection of unfair housing discrimination practices and their impact on the problem of homelessness in the veteran community. Listeners will be able to access the forum from any browser internet connection, iTunes, Skype, land phone or smart device.

The panel and discussion leaders will provide critical examination of the systemic ways in which housing discrimination practices and policy acts as a barrier to equal housing opportunities for veterans and they will explore ways in which veterans, HUD recipients, HUD partners and HUD staff, and housing advocates can more effectively discriminatory eliminate barriers. The broadcast will seek to explore ideas and solutions which can be used to identify, isolate and dismantle; sometimes not so apparent policies which might serve to violate anti-discrimination laws and regulations already in place.

You will be able to listen and talk with successful practitioners, experts, advocates, service providers, HUD partners, and HUD staff as they offer in-depth analysis and information on the subject of homelessness and housing discrimination. 

For details on how to connect to the live forum, visit the OneCPD Training and Events Page

View the FHEO pdf invitation

To call in to speak to the panel, when the online forum begins, ask a question or comment, listeners can dial toll-free 347-677-1561; Press 1 to notify the technician you wish to join the discussion. Prior registration is not required. We can all do our part to help combat housing discrimination, helping veterans to secure needed and affordable housing.

Presenters Include:
  • Jaspen Boothe, Final Salute, Inc., Alexandria, VA 
  • Linda Charest, HUDVET Coordinator,  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 
  • Baylee Crone, VP Operations Programs, National U-E Coalition for Homeless Veterans
  • Wendy McClinton, Pres/CEO, Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc.
  • Mike Neely, Commissioner, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority  Walter Elmore, Chair HUD Veterans Affinity Group (VAG)
  • Stephanie Harrington, Region 1 CPD VASH Coordinator
  • Kara Norman, Region 1 PIH VASH Coordinator
  • Ron Armstead, Region 1 Office of Policy and Management
For more information contact: Bonnie Peak-Graham, bonnie.j.peakgraham@hud.gov or call 617-994-8312.
Project Team: Bonnie Peak-Graham, Carlton Cosby, and Lee Gonzalez

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