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Upcoming Webinar: NSP Expenditures, DRGR and QPRs - January 8, 2013 - 2 pm EST
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will be featuring a webinar for NSP1, NSP2, and NSP3 grantees on expenditures in DRGR. This webinar will discuss how to report expenditures, accomplishments, program income, and other funds in DRGR. Following the webinar, time will be allowed for any questions grantees may have regarding this or other DRGR topics.
This webinar is intended for all NSP1, NSP2, and NSP3 grantees, staff and partners.
Please join us Tuesday, January 8, at 2 pm EST.
Webinar materials will be posted to the NSP Learning Center as they become available. Please visit the NSP Learning Center prior to joining the webinar.
Participation Instructions
Logging onto Live Meeting
At least 20 minutes prior to the webinar start time, log onto the Live Meeting website by copying and pasting the URL below into your browser. 
Option 1 (Try this first):
Option 2:
If option 1 or option 2 does not connect to the webinar and gives an error message that says "Windows can’t open this file," scroll down on the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Entry Page and click Accept Terms and Install Client and then "Run" to install software. Once Live Meeting software has completed installation, try Option 1 again. 
Audio through Computer Speakers
Once logging into Live Meeting, participants may listen to the webinar via participant computer speakers. Participants will be muted during the webinar and will be able to ask questions via the Live Meeting Q&A function. We recommend this option for ease of listening. 
Audio through Conference Call
If participants want to listen to the webinar through the phone, after logging onto Live Meeting, dial into the conference call-in number below so that participants are able to hear the presentation and ask questions. You may dial in up to 15 minutes before the session begins. 
  • Audio Login: +1 888-505-4375 (toll-free) or +1 719-325-2495 (toll)
  • Passcode: 5600174
  • Conference Title: NSP Expenditures (The operator will ask for Conference Name when you call in)
Troubleshooting Live Meeting
If you have trouble logging onto Live Meeting, please contact Justin Cole at Justin.Cole@icfi.com or (703) 225-2807 or Vincent Grady at Vincent.Grady@icfi.com or (703) 225-2120. Be sure to leave a message if they are on the line with someone else.
For additional assistance, you may also visit Live Meeting Help and Support: http://support.microsoft.com/ph/925
Asking a Question within the Conference Call/Live Meeting
Throughout the presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
During the call, the operator will control the line of questions. In order to join the queue to ask a question press *1 on your touch-tone phone; the operator will mute your phone until it is your turn to ask a question. If your question is answered before you get the opportunity to ask it, you can remove yourself from the queue by pressing *2.
You may also submit your question via Live Meeting rather than asking it verbally. Change your status to "Purple: Question" then type in your question via the Q&A box on the Live Meeting toolbar. Once your question has been answered, be sure to change your status back to "Green: Proceed."
Feedback on Webinar
At the conclusion of the webinar, we would really like your feedback! Please take a moment and click on the following link to provide your important feedback: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NSP_Expenditures_DRGR_QPR

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