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FY 2012 CoC Competition & Program Updates
FY 2012 CoC Program Competition Updates:

FY 2012 CoC Program Grant Inventory Worksheets (GIW):
  • Grant Inventory Worksheets were sent electronically from HUD Headquarters to CoC Leads and HUD CPD Field Offices approximately two (2) weeks ago. CoCs that have not received their GIW should contact their local HUD CPD Field Office immediately to inquire about the status of the worksheet. 
  • The FY 2012 GIW transmittal email to CoCs stated that CoCs were to email updated GIWs to HUD CPD field offices on or about Thursday, August 9, 2012. This date is a soft deadline to begin the reconciliation process with field offices. If your CoC were not unable to forward the GIW by August 9, please proceed with updating and reviewing the GIW and forward to your local HUD CPD field office as soon as possible. It should be noted that the recommended timeframe/due dates established by HUD are to ensure CoCs finalize grant inventories in a timely manner and upload their HUD-approved GIW before the FY 2012 CoC Program Registration submission deadline in e-snaps.
 Below is the amended timeline for submission of the GIW to the HUD CPD field offices (see changes in red):
Steps Timeframe/ Due Date
 1. SNAPS sends to CoCs and field offices a preliminary grant inventory available for renewal in the FY 2012 CoC Competition.  On or about July 26, 2012
 2. A. CoCs update, in collaboration with its grantees, its grant inventory with all
grants expiring in calendar year (CY) 2013 (beginning
    January 1, 2013 and
ending December 31, 2013 
    B. CoCs email updated grant inventory worksheet to field offices.
 July 26, 2012 - on or about August 17, 2012.
 3. Field offices finalize inventory with CoCs.  July 26, 2012 - on or about August 31, 2012.
  • The Leasing and Rental Assistance Transition Tool is available on the CoC Program page. This tool provides CoC Program recipients assistance with transitioning former SHP and S+C projects to CoC Program rental assistance and leasing projects.
  • HUD strongly encourages all CoC stakeholders, recipients, and subrecipients to review the FY 2012 CoC Program Competition guidance, training modules, and FAQs on the Competition and Training Resources page of the HUD HRE.
FY 2012 Continuum of Care Program Registration Notice:

The FY 2012 CoC Program Registration Notice will be posted to the HUD HRE in late August/early September. Upon publication, HUD strongly encourages all CoC stakeholders, including the CoC Lead and applicants, to read the FY 2012 CoC Program Registration Notice in its entirety in preparation for the FY 2012 CoC Program Competition. Additional listservs will be forthcoming with more information regarding publication of the Notice, training modules, and availability of e-snaps.
Interim Rule Published in the Federal Register:
The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program interim rule was published in the Federal Register on July 31, 2012. The interim rule will be effective August 30, 2012. This interim rule establishes the regulations for the new Continuum of Care (CoC) Program and focuses on regulatory implementation of the Continuum of Care Program, including the Continuum of Care planning process.
Interested persons and organizations are invited to submit comments regarding the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program interim rule until October 1, 2012. Comments may be submitted to HUD either by U.S. mail or electronic submission to the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal at For more information about submitting a comment, review page 2 of the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program interim rule document.
CoC Program recipients and subrecipients are reminded that the final Homeless Definition is in effect for administration of the CoC Program interim rule. The final Homeless Definition is posted on the HUD HRE.
To assist CoCs, stakeholders, recipients and subrecipients in the successful implementation of the CoC Program interim rule, HUD is conducting a phased release of guidance documents, tools, and broadcasts. Please visit the CoC Program page on the HUD HRE to view and download the following user guides and tools:
The following user guide will be available before the end of August:
  • CoC Program Components and Eligible Costs User Guide – provides CoCs, recipients, and subrecipients an overview of the five CoC program components and costs that are eligible and ineligible for each component.
 HUD has taped four broadcasts (with the accompanying slides).

The following broadcasts are currently available on the HUD HRE: The following pre-taped broadcasts will be available the week of August 13 on the HUD HRE:
  • HUD’s Homeless Assistance Overview of FY 2012 Funding and HEARTH Update
  • Implementing the HEARTH Act: The New Continuum of Care Program
HUD has created a new section of the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk, the CoC Program Help Desk, for questions about the new regulation. HUD has taken great care to anticipate questions and include as much detail in the regulation as possible. Therefore, please ensure that you read the regulation in its entirety before submitting a question. This will decrease the number of duplicative questions and responses and increase the response time for questions that were not answered in the regulation. HUD appreciates your patience as policy questions are answered.

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