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HPRP Reporting and Closeout Reminders
HUD has received many questions about the HPRP closeout process, especially related to submission of all final HPRP reports. This is extremely important information; please take careful note of the reporting deadlines.
  • HUD is currently processing HPRP grant closeouts. Once you have finished submitting all reports (including your APR – see below) and drawing all funds, please email This serves as your notification to HUD that we should start the process. HUD will then be in touch with you about next steps and closeout. Please make sure you read the HPRP Closeout Notice and information on the HRE carefully.
  • HUD field offices will be locking IDIS 90 days after each grantee’s 3-year expenditure deadline. Make sure to draw all funds before this deadline. 
  • If you received a letter from HUD requiring that you submit a report on all draws made after the 3-year expenditure deadline, you must submit this information to HUD before we can close out your grant. Please contact your Desk Officer at HUD Headquarters for more information.
QPR in e-snaps:
In the Q13 QPR, HUD expected grantees to report on the uses of 100 percent of funds expended, even if they did not draw all funds until after September 30. This is because HUD’s HPRP reports ask for incurred expenditures, and all grantees must have incurred all expenses before their 3-year expenditure deadline.  
  • If you did not report on the uses of ALL expenditures in the Q13 QPR: please complete a Q13 Final report in e-snaps before November 30th to correct your data. HUD is leaving the Q13 QPR open through November to allow grantees time to clean up final quarterly and grant-to-date data and ensure that it is accurate. Guidance about how to do so can be found in the Submitting a Final Report in and e-snaps resource on the HRE.
  • OR, if you have submitted a final Q13 QPR but did not report on uses of all funds: submit a question on the HUD Virtual Help Desk to ask to have the Q13 Final QPR amended back to you to correct your data. ·    
  • Please note: there is NO Q14 QPR in e-snaps in January. The Q13 QPR is the final quarterly report in e-snaps for all HPRP grantees.
Quarterly Report in
  • Please make sure that your last report is marked as BOTH “Final” and “Fully Completed” in You might have received a message about this through the comment system. 
  • Like the QPRs in e-snaps, this is because no costs for HPRP may be incurred after September 30, 2012, and asks for incurred expenditures. Therefore, the October report (reporting on July 1, 2012 – September 30, 2012) is the final report for ALL HPRP grantees (except for those who submitted a “final” and “fully completed” report in a prior reporting period, and are therefore not required to submit an October report). No HPRP grantees should submit reports in in January.
APR Reminder:
  • All grantees who incurred ANY expenditures or served ANY clients between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012 must submit an APR. This includes most HPRP grantees.
  • The FINAL deadline to submit APRs is November 30th. Please report on the use of ALL funds. HUD will not close out your grant until this is complete.
For all technical questions, please contact that system’s help desk. As always, please submit all questions related to e-snaps to the HUD Virtual Help Desk. You also may submit questions for HUD’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs about HPRP requirements for to the HUD Virtual Help Desk on the HRE. HUD will be prioritizing reporting questions through the end of November. 

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