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FY 2019 CoC Program Competition Update: Revision to the FY 2019 CoC Application Detailed Instructions, Required Attachments for 1E–Local CoC Competition Section

HUD revised the FY 2019 CoC Application Detailed Instructions based on questions submitted regarding documented evidence submission requirements.

HUD will evaluate responses to questions 1E-2 (Project Review and Ranking—Objective Criteria), 1E-3 (Project Review and Ranking—Severity of Needs and Vulnerabilities), and 1E-4 (Public Postings—CoC Consolidated Application) of the CoC Application based on evidence posted to the 4B. Attachment screen, especially the attachment for question 1E-4.

Section VII.B.1. of the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) assigns the following points for 1E–Local CoC Competition questions:

  • 18 points for Objective Criteria and Past Performance
  • 4 points for Severity of Needs
  • 3 points for Ranking Process
  • 4 points for Reallocation (which is not being addressed in this listserv)

Question 1E-1 requires applicants to submit the following four attachments on the 4B. Attachments screen:

  • 1E-1. Public Posting–Local Competition Announcement that provided point values (e.g., the scoring tool indicating how points are awarded) or other ranking criteria the CoC would use to review and rank projects. HUD is clarifying that this evidence is not the same as the evidence required in question 1E-4. This evidence demonstrates the CoC informed applicants in advance how the CoC would evaluate project applications, whereas question 1E-4 requires applicants to provide actual final scores that the CoC publicly posted.
  • 1E-1. Public Posting–30-Day Local Competition Deadline
  • 1E-1. Public Posting–15-Day Notification Outside e-snaps–Projects Accepted
  • 1E-1. Public Posting–15-Day Notification Outside e-snaps–Projects Rejected or Reduced

For question 1E-4, applicants must combine the following evidence into one attachment and upload it on the 4B. Attachments screen:

  • Evidence demonstrating the objective review and ranking process, including final score forms used in the local competition that lists points awarded during review and rank process and final project scores. HUD will use this attachment when evaluating question 1E-2.
  • Evidence demonstrating public posting of the final version of the completed CoC Consolidated Application, including the CoC Application with attachments, CoC Priority Listing with reallocation forms, and a list of all project applications the CoC accepted and ranked or rejected. (HUD does not expect applicants to include individual project applications with submitted evidence.)
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