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System Performance Measures Update

System performance will be the foundation of HUD’s evaluation of Continuums of Care (CoCs). Last July HUD published the System Performance Measures Introductory Guide that helps CoCs understand how HUD expects CoCs to calculate and use system-level performance measures. HUD has updated this guide to clarify some of the measures. HUD recommends all stakeholders review this document to understand HUD’s intent for system performance measurement and each specific measure.

HUD has created a new resource on the HUD Exchange – the System Performance Measures Tools page. This page will provide tools to help CoCs report on system performance measures. This page has two newly released resources.

  1. System Performance Measures HMIS Programming Specifications: a document that instructs HMIS vendors how to program their HMIS software to calculate the system performance measures. This document is written specifically for HMIS administrators and vendors to provide very specific instruction on what is included in each measure.
  2. System Performance Measure Table Shells: a document that provides a visual representation of how HUD plans on collecting the system performance measures data.

HUD recognizes that HMIS programming takes time and is aware that it may take a few months for HMIS in each CoC to be updated to report on system performance measures per the System Performance Measures HMIS Programming Specifications.

HUD plans on releasing additional system performance resources in the coming months.

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