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#TalkHOPWA Twitter Chat Starts Conversation on HOPWA White Paper

On January 22, 2015, the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing (OHH) hosted their first Twitter Chat. It focused on OHH’s recently published white paper titled, The Connection between Housing and Improved Outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum. The chat was a chance for Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) grantees, project sponsors, and other stakeholders to start a broader discussion on the impact of housing status along the HIV Care Continuum. Nine grantees and stakeholders actively shared their stories and experiences, as numerous others joined the chat with retweets and favorites.

@HUD_HOPWA guided the chat with seven talking points:

T1. Is an HIV Care Continuum framework being used for persons receiving housing assistance? #TalkHOPWA

T2. How can individual progress of persons receiving housing assistance be monitored along the HIV Care Continuum? #TalkHOPWA

T3. What impact is housing having on persons living with HIV? #TalkHOPWA

T4. Is stable housing improving retention in care for persons living with HIV? #TalkHOPWA

T5. How is housing closing gaps along the HIV Care Continuum? #TalkHOPWA

T6. Which partnerships have been helpful in linking housing and HIV care? #TalkHOPWA

T7. Which coordination strategies could improve outcomes in your community? #TalkHOPWA

If you missed the live chat, the entire #TalkHOPWA chat has been compiled on a Storify page for easy viewing. Make sure to follow @HUD_HOPWA to stay updated on the resources and activities of HUD’s Office of HIV/AIDS Housing.


HOPWA White Paper
Full #TalkHOPWA TwitterChat on White Paper
HOPWA Twitter Page

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