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Submitting 2015 HIC and PIT Data - Deadline Reminder

2015 Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and Point-in-Time (PIT) count data must be submitted via HUD’s Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX) web portal by Friday, May 15, 2015 Midnight EDT. Continuums of Care (CoCs) should consider the following issues as they prepare to submit their data.

  1. Accuracy is Critical

    The purpose of the HIC and PIT count data is to gain the most accurate picture of homelessness at a given point in time at the end of January. HUD strongly believes that accuracy is absolutely essential. Only with the most accurate data can we work together to determine the progress we have made towards meeting the Opening Doors goals and make meaningful and informed decisions about how to continue the progress.

    HUD is still striving to gain a clear picture the sheltered and unsheltered homeless youth population. Communities should do all they can to count their homeless youth. HUD recognizes that as communities start incorporating a more sophisticated youth component to their counts that their data will likely show an increase. It is imperative that communities use this data and work with the homeless youth providers to develop a strategy to serve this important population. HUD will provide a way for CoCs to report changes to methodology and increased efforts to improve PIT counts in their 2015 CoC Application and will carefully consider such efforts in its scoring process. HUD’s competitive process has, and will continue, to give priority to CoCs who demonstrate high quality PIT counts.

  2. HIC and PIT Count Data in the 2015 CoC Program Competition

    Meeting the HIC and PIT data submission deadline is a factor considered by HUD in the annual CoC Program Competition. Submitting the HIC and PIT count data in HDX is a two-step process, and both steps must be submitted on time for your submission to be considered complete:

    • HIC data must be submitted via the HIC Reporting Status page
    • PIT data must be submitted via the PIT Reporting Status page
  3. 2015 HIC and PIT Data Collection and Submission Guidance

    Guidance on collecting and entering HIC and PIT data via the HDX is available for download from the HDX Main page at the HUD Exchange website.

  4. Addressing New Requirements

    CoCs should consider the amount of time it may take to compile and enter information needed to meet the 2015 reporting requirements, such as:

    • Entering address information for all projects;
    • Completing the new Youth Households tab;
    • Entering the race, ethnicity, and gender of sheltered and unsheltered people;
    • Completing the number of veterans and persons in veteran households by household type, as well as their characteristics; and
    • Conducting necessary data analysis and applying statistically valid estimates to any missing PIT count information, including counts related to gender, race and ethnicity.
  5. PIT Count Submission Reminders

    As in the past, HUD expects communities to report population and subpopulation data for all homeless people counted during the PIT enumeration. Where information is missing, CoCs should apply statistically valid and locally appropriate approaches and assumptions to construct an estimate. HUD encourages CoCs to engage with local experts, including people familiar with the count and statisticians, to develop appropriately tailored assumptions and extrapolation techniques to properly adjust data prior to generating a complete PIT count report for submission to HUD.

    The sum total number of persons reported in emergency shelter, Safe Havens, and transitional housing projects in the PIT count fields of the HIC must match the sum total of sheltered persons reported in the PIT count.

  6. Questions

    If you have any questions about the HIC or PIT data submissions processes, please visit the Ask a Question page on the HUD Exchange. To submit a question, select “HDX (PIT, HIC, AHAR, Pulse)” for the Program/System under “Your Details,” then under “Question Details,” choose either “HIC” or “PIT” as the topic and subtopic.

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