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Introducing the HOPWA Rental Assistance Guidebook
Dear Colleagues:

The Office of HIV/AIDS Housing is pleased to present the Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) Rental Assistance Guidebook. This January 2013 guidebook provides HOPWA grantees and project sponsors with information and resources necessary to help you develop and operate programs that provide housing support to clients through rental assistance payments. This publication is posted as a HOPWA resource on the OneCPD Resource Exchange. The HOPWA Rental Assistance Guidebook is part of a collection of training and reference materials available to grantees and project sponsors on the OneCPD Resource Exchange, and I encourage you to utilize these resources as you work to successfully carry out HOPWA program activities. 

Thank you for your continued efforts to offer housing assistance and improve the lives of low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS.

David Vos
Office of HIV/AIDS Housing


A Personal Message

Now is the time for me to say goodbye. After 21 years of working with you and your predecessors on HOPWA programs, I am pleased to share this message and my appreciation as I leave this public service. Thank you for helping me in addressing many challenges in program operations and in using funds effectively to reduce risks of homelessness for persons living with HIV through this program.

As a Federal employee, I have had the great privilege to be associated with the HOPWA related accomplishments of your communities. Our city and state grantees and their partnerships with nonprofits have shown how to make good use of public funds to address the special challenges of HIV/AIDS and the related housing and social service needs of our beneficiaries. In this HUD service, I have also been supported by great team efforts within HUD and with other agencies in working to ensure that our processes and purposes are clear, strategically targeted, and well completed. I am pleased to have played my role in assessing service delivery and reporting on these results and in helping guide the management of these program resources. I have been welcomed as a visitor to many HOPWA projects and benefited from talking with many clients and advocates. On all of this, I personally feel that this program’s great mission has been accomplished with an extra quality exhibited – in value added through human connections made in helping an individual and a family go on a better path with housing as the base for a more successful journey. Thank you for your good diligence and for that helping hand of care.           

Although I know there is much yet to be done, I am confident that the HUD team will remain strong and that their support and guidance will continue in partnership with you in shared purpose. Please continue to work with our colleagues in the area offices of Community Planning and Development (CPD) and with the headquarter CPD team in the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing—give them your full attention and share with them your good advice too.  

All my best wishes on the road ahead.



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