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Update: Changes to Income Calculator for FY13 Income Limits
HUD has updated the Income Calculator to incorporate FY 2013 HUD Program Income Limits. The income limits have been effective since December 11, 2012 for most HUD programs and they will be available for use on the Calculator beginning tomorrow, January 25, 2013.

How Do New Income Limits Affect the Income Calculator?
On Friday, January 25th, all calculations currently in progress in a user's Dashboard in the CPD Income Eligibility Calculator, as well as all calculations completed going forward, will begin applying the FY 2013 income limits. Only calculations that are completed, with the summary PDF downloaded from the Calculator and saved to a user's hard drive (or printed to hard copy) prior to January 25th will reference the 2012 income limits data when determining a beneficiary's income eligibility.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR HOME CALCULATIONS ONLY: The FY 2013 Income Limits that will be used in this calculator are not yet in effect for the HOME Program. While participating jurisdictions are permitted to use the CPD Income Calculator to perform income calculations for potential HOME beneficiaries, they cannot rely on the calculator’s determination that the beneficiary qualifies as income eligible or the calculated percentage of area median income. The participating jurisdiction must compare this calculated income with the FY 2012 HOME income limits posted on the HOME Program website at www.hud.gov/homeprogram/.  The FY 2013 income limits will not become effective for the HOME Program until 30 days after HUD posts the income limits, along with the 2013 HOME rent limits, on the HOME Program website.

What Actions Do I Need to Take?
Users who have completed calculations in the Calculator using 2012 income limits but have not downloaded the summary PDF and saved the document to their hard drive (or printed to hard copy) should do so before tomorrow, January 25th. 

While your data and calculations are accessible within the CPD Income Eligibility Calculator for 13 months, this feature is designed to allow you to more easily update a beneficiary’s income determination in the future – rather than to maintain an online record of all income calculations completed in the past.

How Do I Download the Summary PDF of My Calculations?
  1. Log into the CPD Income Eligibility Calculator. Once logged in, you will be on the Dashboard page.
  2. On the Dashboard, select the Beneficiary ID of the calculation you'd like to download.
  3. If the calculation is complete, select "Summary" under "Annual Income" on the lefthand toolbar then skip to Step 5.
  4. If the calculation is not complete, the "Summary" tab will not be able to be clicked. Complete the calculation.
  5. On the Annual Income Summary page, select the "Download PDF File" button.
  6. Save this PDF to your computer's hard drive by right-clicking the document and selecting "Save As..."
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