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HPRP Quarterly Reporting Instructions and Deadlines
The Q13 HPRP Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) in e-snaps and the quarterly performance report in, for the reporting period from July 1 – September 30, 2012, are both available as of Monday, October 1, 2012. The Q13 Preliminary QPR and the quarterly report are both due at midnight on Sunday, October 14, 2012.
HPRP grantees must complete both quarterly reports if they expended funds and/or served program participants after July 1, 2012. Grantees that are required to report, and who submit reports after the due date will be considered non-compliant with this requirement. HUD strongly recommends that you submit both quarterly reports by Friday, October 12th.
  • Be sure to click the “Submit” button in e-snaps when you are done!
If you believe that you do not need to submit quarterly reports for the July 2012-September 2012 period, you should have marked the July report as “Final” in, and you need to submit a message to the HUD Virtual Help Desk to notify HUD of your status (if you have already submitted a question, please do not re-submit it).

Note: All HPRP grantees that assisted program participants and expended HPRP funds after October 1, 2011 will also need to complete a Year 3 APR, which is currently available for completion in e-snaps and is due November 30, 2012.

For Quarterly Reports:
Resources, guidance documents, and webinars on HPRP reporting are available on the Homelessness Resource Exchange (HRE) at HUD encourages grantees and staff responsible for completing and submitting HPRP reports to review reporting guidance prior to submitting their report.

Tips for e-snaps:
  • Since this is the last report, you must report on the uses of all funds. Make sure that the total amount on the “Expenditures” screen matches your grant amount. If you are returning funds to HUD, please note that in the “Comments” box on the expenditure screen.
  • If you are new to e-snaps or to reporting for HPRP and need access to your community’s HPRP Reporting project in e-snaps to complete and submit reports, please create an account for yourself in e-snaps and then submit a question to the Virtual Help Desk asking to be “linked” to the relevant HPRP Reporting project. The e-snaps Training Guide on the HRE provides instructions on how to create an account and how to gain access for new users. Do NOT wait until the day the report is due to get access. HPRP Grantees who are not able to submit on time because they did not request access in a timely manner will be considered non-compliant with this requirement.
  • Remember, Grant-to-Date always refers to the cumulative total (of persons served, expenditures, etc.) as of the end of the reporting period, NOT the total as of the date you are completing the report. HUD uses the Grant-to-Date numbers to know how many people have been served nation-wide with this program, so please do NOT submit zeroes in the Grant-to-Date field.
  • Grantees MUST report an unduplicated number under the Grant-to-Date (GTD) column. Grantees should NOT simply take the number of persons served from each quarter (or year, for the APR) and add it to the existing GTD number. Grantees that do this will have a greatly inflated GTD number and will cause HPRP data to be skewed. Remember, the quarterly data reflects distinct program participants served during the quarter, and the GTD data reflects distinct program participants served since the beginning of the grant.
For detailed instructions on this issue, please reference the e-snaps Training Guide and the HPRP QPR Instructions available on the HRE. **If you have been reporting GTD incorrectly, report corrected GTD numbers in the Q13.** If you have questions, contact your HPRP Desk Officer at HUD Headquarters or submit a question to the HUD Virtual Help Desk on the HRE.

Tips for
  • Some grantees have accidentally submitted a Draft report as their submission, which is counted as reporting non-compliance. If you submit a draft, you will get a confirmation email of a successful DRAFT submission—this can be confusing, so please take an extra moment to ensure that you have submitted the report properly.
  • Make sure you submit the report as a Grant, not a Contract. If you report as a Contract, HUD will contact you and you will have to completely re-do the submission correctly by the deadline. You can avoid making this mistake by using the “carry forward” feature of If you reported as a Grant last quarter, the system will bring that information forward so that you can report as a Grant again this quarter.
  • Remember that the information grantees provide in these reports is publicly posted on the White House web site.
  • Like last quarter, HUD and OMB are enforcing the quality of narratives about each grant to improve transparency and public understanding of how Recovery Act funds are being spent. Generic narratives will NOT be accepted and grantees will be required to edit them.
Tips for good narratives:
  • Language should be thorough and transparent, clearly explaining the award’s purpose and activities to the general public.
  • Revise any misleading language.
  • Spell out all abbreviations and acronyms.
  • As always, please submit all questions related to e-snaps QPRs and APRs to the HUD Virtual Help Desk. The Help Desk staff is prioritizing reporting-related questions during the reporting periods and will seek to respond quickly. Please do note that the Help Desk receives a high volume of questions, so HUD appreciates your patience as the Department works to respond to all the questions in a thoughtful manner.
  • If you have a question about an error message in e-snaps, please attach a screen shot of the error message to the question submitted to the Help Desk.
  • For questions about, please contact that help desk, at 1-877-508-7386 or

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