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Guidance on the Use of HOPWA Funds for Participation at the North American Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit VII
July 24, 2013

Memorandum For: CPD Field Directors and HOPWA Grantees
From: Will Rudy, Acting Director, Office of HIV/AIDS Housing

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide guidance to recipients of HOPWA formula and competitive grants on the use of HOPWA funds to pay for grantee or project sponsor staff to attend the North American Housing and HIVIAIDS Research Summit VII to be held in Montreal, Quebec, on September 25-27, 2013. Similar to prior guidance on program-related training activities, HOPWA funds are eligible for use by grantees and project sponsors to support costs for participation in relevant conferences and trainings, such as reasonable costs for travel, hotel, per diem, and other related costs that will enable participation in the presentations and training sessions.

Eligible Training Costs
The theme of Summit VII is "Closing the Housing Gap in the HIV Treatment Cascade." Participation in the Summit is permissible as a HOPWA-eligible training event in promoting the use of best practices and research to improve the housing stability and health outcomes of low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS through increased coordination of housing assistance and care services for HOPWA beneficiaries. Reasonable costs, if applied to HOPWA accounts, should not exceed the federal government's published limits on lodging and per diem rates. Foreign travel rates are set by the U.S. Department of State. For more information on lodging and per diem rates for Canada, please visit Foreign Per Diem Rates by Location. Grantees may use these standards for allocating costs to program activities:
  1. For formula grant recipients or competitive/renewal grants, the related training activity costs for this designated training event can be prorated by (budget line items) with up to 80 percent of such costs eligible as resource identification costs associated with efforts to establish, coordinate, and develop housing assistance resources for eligible persons. Grantees may assign all or at least 20 percent of these costs as administrative costs associated with the management of HOPWA grants. For example, a HOPWA grantee or project sponsor that incurs $2,000 to participate in Summit VII could charge up to $1,600 in resource identification costs and $400 in administrative costs; and
  2. Grantees and project sponsors may use other non-HOPWA sources for any or all of these costs, and may report these as leveraged other resources in supporting program objectives.
If you have questions about participation in Summit VII, please contact the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing: Amy Palilonis, CPD Specialist, at Amy.L.Palilonis@hud.gov or 202-402-5916.

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