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August – September 2015



HUD Offers $9 Million to Provide Stable Housing to Low-Income Victims of Domestic Violence Living with HIV/AIDS


HUD offers more than $9 million available to state, local governments, and non-profits through the VAWA/HOPWA Project Demonstration. Grantees will be required to partner with local domestic violence and sexual assault service providers for client outreach and engagement and for comprehensive supportive services to ensure client success in the program.


Read HUD’s Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) and the press release for more information.


Release of ESG CAPER Redesign

HUD announces the upcoming release of an updated Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program. The new requirements are applicable for all 2015 CAPER submissions (beginning October 1, 2015) and only affect screen CR-65.


View the news posting for more information.


Second Quarter HOPWA Performance Profiles Now Available

HUD has posted revised HOPWA Performance Profiles for the second quarter of the Federal Fiscal Year 2014-2015. HOPWA performance profiles are generated for all agencies receiving HOPWA formula or competitive grants.


View the news posting for more information.


VA Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors is Published Online

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors (2014 Online Edition) is now exclusively online.


View the VA Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors (2014 Online Edition).


Housing and Healthcare (H2) Initiative Announcements

HUD’s H2 TA Team recently shared the National Academy for State Health Policy’s (NASHP) issue brief on states’ enrollment experiences in implementing health coverage eligibility and enrollment systems under the ACA.

View Housing and Healthcare (H2) Initiative Action Plans by State

HUD announces the convening of “action planning” sessions that focus on integrating healthcare and housing systems and services in states and communities across the country. Visit the Healthcare and Housing (H2) Systems Integration Initiative webpage to read overviews of action planning processes, draft plans, and implementation progress by state.


View the news posting and HUD’s Housing & Healthcare (H2) Initiative webpage for more information.


New Resources


HUD Releases Critical Changes to the 2014 HMIS Data Standards

HUD releases critical updates to the HMIS Data Standards, which go into effect October 1, 2015. The revised HMIS Data Manual and HMIS Data Dictionary are now available on the HUD Exchange.


View the news posting for more information.


VA Releases Guidance on HMIS "Read-Only" and "Direct-Entry" Access – Policy Q&A

HUD and the VA release national guidance regarding VA Medical Center staff seeking read-only and/or direct-entry access to a CoC’s HMIS. HUD provides this Q&A to answer policy questions immediately following the guidance.


View the news posting to read the Q&A.


Resources for CoC and PHA Collaboration to End Homelessness

CPD and PIH developed three webinars: CoC 101 for PHAs, PHA 101 for CoCs, and Implementing a Move-Up Strategy targeted for CoC and PHA audiences to help inform their partners about each other’s work and identify specific strategies they can work on together.

Recently, HUD has developed new resources for CoC and Public Housing Agency (PHA) Engagement.

In addition, this Letter to Executive Directors of Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) provides further guidance on HUD Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Extraordinary Administrative Fees (EAF) funding for fiscal year 2015.


View the news posting to see the June 10, 2013 PIH Notice 2013-15 as well as additional resources for CoC and PHA Collaboration.


SNAPS In Focus: Increasing Housing Placements of Homeless Veterans

This SNAPS In Focus message discusses HUD’s strategies for increasing housing for homeless veterans and provides tools and resources to help communities reach this goal.

This message also provides resources currently available from HUD, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), and the VA to help communities reach this goal, including FAQs on Payment Standards and Fair Market rents, best practices from programs around the country, and messages from USICH about Joining Forces Private Landlords Partnering to End HomelessnessPartnering with Landlords to End Homelessness, and Fully Utilizing HUD-VASH to Achieve the National Goal of Ending Veteran Homelessness


Other Initiatives to Help Communities End Veteran Homelessness

  • The 25 Cities Effort was launched in March 2014 from the VA, in partnership with HUD and USICH, to assist 25 communities accelerate and align their existing efforts toward the creation of coordinated assessment and entry systems. Learn more about the 25 Cities Effort.
  • Zero: 2016 is a movement of communities working to end veteran homelessness by the close of 2015 and end chronic homelessness one year later. Visit the Zero: 2016 website for more information.

View all SNAPS In Focus messages.


HUD Releases Rapid Re-housing Models for Homeless Youth

HUD has profiled four rapid re-housing programs designed for youth that use a variety of funding sources. Each profile highlights replicable promising practices for rapidly moving youth into permanent housing, offering short- to medium-term financial assistance, and providing developmentally appropriate case management and services.


View Rapid Re-housing Models for Homeless Youth.


Resources from HUD Federal Partners on Ending Homelessness

DOJ Files Brief to Address the Criminalization of Homelessness: The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a statement of interest arguing that making it a crime for people who are homeless to sleep in public places, when there is insufficient shelter space in a city, unconstitutionally punishes them for being homeless.

Ending Homelessness for People Living in Encampments, Advancing the Dialogue: USICH released this report that summarizes discussions held across the country with advocates, housing and services providers, and government officials regarding what they've learned about the most effective approaches and strategies to working with people in encampments.

Informational Bulletin on Coverage of Housing-Related Activities and Services for Individuals with Disabilities: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released this informational bulletin intended to assist states in designing Medicaid benefits, and to clarify the circumstances under which Medicaid reimburses for certain housing-related activities.

Key Strategies for Connecting People Experiencing Homelessness to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Benefits: USICH and its partners recently released this document. The strategies focus on assisting individuals experiencing homelessness with the initial disability application and medical determination process.


View the news posting for more resources from HUD and federal partners on homelessness assistance.


Training & Events


Upcoming Trainings and Events

Be sure to check the HUD Exchange Training Calendar page and News page for the latest training and event announcements.

HIV Housing Care Continuum Regional Meetings

Washington, D.C.: September 16, 2015 | Atlanta, GA: September 29-30, 2015 | Portland, OR: October 14-15, 2015

HUD is carrying out a comprehensive TA initiative that includes a series of regional meetings focused on the connection between stable housing and improved outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum.


View the news posting for more information on the webinar series and how to participate. View the calendar event pages for upcoming meetings in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Portland.

View the calendar event page for the recent meeting in Chicago that took place from August 31 – September 1, 2015.


2015 HMIS System Administrator Summer Training Series: Understanding System Performance Measures

September 30, 2015

This webinar provides guidance on which Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) projects and data elements will be used to calculate System Performance Measures.


View the calendar event page to find out more information about the webinar and participate. View the news posting for more information on the training series.


NHSDC Fall Conference

October 22-23, 2015

HUD announces the National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC) conference, which allows HMIS professionals to discuss current challenges and best practices while developing a critical network of peer support.


Visit the NHSDC website to learn more about the conference and participate. 


Recent Trainings and Events

VAWA and HOPWA Project Demonstration Webcast

September 08, 2015

The Office of HIV/AIDS Housing hosted a pre-application webcast for anyone interested in submitting an application for the VAWA and HOPWA Project Demonstration.


View the webcast recording and supporting documents.


How New Orleans Ended Veteran Homelessness Webinar

September 1, 2015

This webinar explains how New Orleans ended Veteran homelessness and how their methods can be applied to other communities.


View the webinar recording and supporting documents.


Grant Based Accounting Webinar Series

HUD hosted a series of webinars from July 29 - August 17, 2015 to explain the transition from the first-in-first-out (FIFO) accounting method to Grant Based Accounting (GBA) in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS).

View the Grant Based Accounting page for all guidance related to the requirement, including the new guidance released for HOPWA Formula Grantees..


View the news posting for more information on the webinar series and to view the webinar materials.


2015 HMIS System Administrator Summer Training Series

HUD National HMIS TA providers have been conducting a series of webinars intended to provide guidance on the following topics: HMIS data standards critical changes & clarification of "Consent to Share" vs. "Consent to Collect," changes to HMIS reporting requirements, and understanding how HMIS will be used to calculate System Performance Measures.

The webinar on System Performance Measures will take place on September 30, 2015. View the calendar event page to find out more information about the webinar and participate.


View the calendar event pages for the webinars on Data Standard Changes & Consent to Share and Reporting


Non-Time Limited Housing for Youth Webinar

August 13, 2015

USICH hosted this webinar and presented two models of non-time limited housing for youth, detailing the development, outcomes, and challenges of these programs.


View the calendar event page for more information.


Sharing Information across Physical and Behavioral Health: Debunking Myths & Developing Strategies Webinar

August 6, 2015

This webinar, hosted by the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), provided a brief overview of the federal statutory framework and successful tools and strategies used by New York and North Carolina to support integrated care.


View the webinar recording and supporting documents on the NASHP website.


CoC Program Competition Updates


The FY 2015 CoC Consolidated Application and Project Applications are now available in e-snaps. HUD announced the opening of the FY 2015 CoC Program Competition on September 18, 2015. The competition will close on November 20, 2015 at 7:59:59 PM EST

View the NOFA for funding criteria for the FY 2015 CoC Program and the  FY 2015 CoC Program Competition: Funding Availability page on the HUD Exchange for more information about the competition.

Consolidated Application and Project Application resources associated with the FY 2015 CoC Program Competition are, or will be, available on the CoC Program Competition: e-snaps Resources page.

Please note that all information related to the FY 2015 CoC Program Competition is communicated via the HUD Exchange Mailing List. Join the mailing list to receive important updates and reminders. HUD will communicate via listserv messages:

  • Due date reminders – it is the sole responsibility of Collaborative Applicants and their project applicants to submit the CoC Application and CoC Priority Listing containing all project applications by the due date and time.
  • Availability of webcasts.  
  • Important updates or additional information – the additional information will not change the selection criteria or selection process included in the FY 2015 CoC Program Competition NOFA, but it may include items such as updates on the status of e-snaps and reminders of impending deadlines.

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