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DRGR 7.14 Released

DRGR Release 7.14 was deployed on November 20, 2017. Key changes include:

  • MicroStrategy 10.4 upgrade. MicroStrategy was upgraded to version 10.4. The upgrade includes a new look and features, but general use remains the same.
  • SF-425. Grantees can now generate SF-425 reports in DRGR Microstrategy similar to IDIS.
  • Benchmark data on Action Plan and Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) screens. HUD Headquarters can now add key benchmark data on spending, caps/thresholds, overall benefit, etc. to the review screens without a release.
  • HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS) Integration. Grantees can now associate HEROS environmental reviews at the activity level.
  • Fixes to QPR Cap/Threshold Calculations. Calculations on the QPR PDFs were corrected.
  • Email Configuration Without Release. Emails recipients and content can now be configured by HUD Headquarters without a release.
  • Ready to Close Fix. To enable close-out of grants, grantees can now edit Action Plans and QPRs that are in “READY TO CLOSE” status.
  • New Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Data Feed. HUD Headquarters is working with FEMA to make key data available for disaster grantees. DRGR will enable access to this data expected to be released in 2018.
  • New HUD Monitoring Screens/Reports. HUD HQ will now be able to enter monitoring events into DRGR (like grantees). This will enable finding/concern tracking, document exchange, and new report features.
  • Other Miscellaneous Fixes

Please see the DRGR Fact Sheets for a complete overview of the changes.

If you have any questions or observe any defects, please submit a question via the DRGR Ask-a-Question.

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