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HEROS Error: Do Not Use Screen 4010 - Environmental Assessment Factors

Good Afternoon,

It has come to HUD’s attention that with the latest release that went into effect this week, HEROS is now experiencing a very serious new glitch. This issue affects Screen 4010 – Environmental Assessment Factors. Any text that has been entered into that screen will be disrupted and unreadable after the screen is accessed. HUD is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible.

Until further notice, do not open Screen 4010 – Environmental Assessment Factors on any new or existing EA-level reviews in HEROS.

If you are working on a time-sensitive EA, please complete any work outside of HEROS for the time being. If you are working on a time-sensitive review, OEE suggests completing the EA Factors in a Word document using the EA Form as a model. This information may be copied and pasted or uploaded into HEROS at a later date.

We are working to resolve this issue and will provide more information and guidance as soon as possible.

In addition, please note that HEROS is designed to operate best in Internet Explorer (IE). While changing browsers will not address this issue (and Screen 4010 should not be opened in IE or any other browser), many small glitches and bugs may be avoided by using IE as your primary HEROS browser.

-The HEROS Team

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