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Stella Performance Updated with 2021 LSA Data

This message announces important updates to Stella Performance (Stella P) for CoCs using Stella to analyze homeless system data in their communities. Stella is a strategy and analysis tool to help CoCs understand how their system is performing.

Stellavise Functionality

The official HUD Review File LSA datasets for 2021 have been automatically Stellavised by HDX 2.0 staff and are available to HDX 2.0 users with “read” access to the LSA module.

The Stellavise function has been restored allowing HDX 2.0 users with "write" access to the LSA module to process local LSA files into Stella Performance for all available reporting years. See Preparing LSA Files for Stella P for detailed instructions.

Data Updates

The 2021 Stella P data includes additional household types, race and ethnicity analysis, and updated gender and race demographics, described below.

Additional Household Types

The following household types have been added to the system map, performance analysis by pathway charts, and demographics:

  • All Child and Youth: Households in which all members are under 25 years old
  • Long-term Homeless: Households with 365 or more cumulative days homeless
  • Inflow: Households who have less than 365 cumulative days homeless
  • AC Parenting Youth: Adult and child households in which all adults are between 18 and 24 and one or more of the adults is the parent of a child

Race and Ethnicity

The “race and ethnicity performance analysis” has been separated out from the “by population group analysis” to allow a more in-depth analysis of race and ethnicity for each system performance measure. Data is shown by race, ethnicity, and race and ethnicity combined, based on the HMIS responses of the head of household. The race and ethnicity categories on the demographics pages have also been updated to reflect the FY 2022 HMIS Data Standards.

Gender of Head of Household and Adults

The gender categories on the demographics pages have been updated to reflect the FY 2022 HMIS Data Standards.

For more information on Stella P please visit the Stella HUD Exchange page and stay tuned for new product updates in the coming months.

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