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Technical Correction Posted for FY2012 CoC Program NOFA

The Technical Correction Notice details the corrections to the FY2012 CoC Program NOFA: renumbering in Section II, revising Section V.B.1.b., correcting Appendix A, and provides clarification for those CoC areas severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

NOTE: This correction does NOT change submission deadlines, funding criteria, and other requirements for the FY2012 CoC NOFA. The deadline for submission of applications remains January 18, 2013 at 7:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

A. In Section II, the sub-section beginning with “Award Information” on page 13 is listed with Roman Numeral II. The actual numbering should be the letter “I.”

B. The language in Section V.B.1.b. Conditional Selection and Adjustments to Funding omitted the selection priority for Permanent Housing Bonus projects in Tier 2. Tier 2 selection priority has been revised to the following:

(1) Renewal projects.

(2) New projects created through reallocation.

(3) CoC Planning costs.

(4) Permanent Housing Bonus projects located in designated “Extreme High Needs” communities.

(5) New SSO projects for centralized or coordinated assessment systems created with available PPRN.

(6) New Permanent Housing Bonus projects.

(7) New permanent housing projects.

(8) New HMIS projects.

(9) New transitional housing projects.

(10) New supportive services only projects.

C. Correcting the HUD-approved ARD amounts and ARD minus 3.5 percent for some CoCs that had incorrect amounts listed due to significant GIW revisions for some CoCs. Any additional corrections that need to be made that are not listed in the revised Appendix A should be sent to HUD and will be addressed on a case by case basis.

D. Additional guidance for those CoCs severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy.


Competition Questions
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