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HUD Publishes P.L. 114-113 Financial Management Guide, Implementation Plan, Risk Analysis Documentation, Action Plan Review, and Certification Checklist 

This MS Excel workbook and PDF file provide the checklists for the review of disaster recovery Action Plans and required supporting documentation submitted in response to the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016 (Public Law 114-113). The Financial Review Guide provides guidelines for evaluating financial capacity. The workbook includes checklists for the review of each grantee’s initial action plans and any amendments, as well as the Risk Analysis Documentation, Implementation Plan, and Certifications grantees are required to submit prior to receiving CDBG-DR funds allocated in the Federal Register Notice (81 FR 39687 published June 17, 2016). Grantees and HUD staff are encouraged to use these checklists to help guide the submission and review of the Action Plan and other supporting documentation, but these documents are not a substitute for adhering to the requirements of the Federal Register Notice(s).

View the P.L. 114-113 Guide for Review of Financial Management for CDBG-DR Grantees (PDF).

View the P.L. 114-113 Risk Analysis and Action Plan Checklists (XLSX).

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