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Updating NSP Completions

Many NSP grantees have not been updating their Completions, or have been updating them incorrectly (DRGR refers to them as Accomplishments) in their QPRs. This means that DRGR reports a lower number of completions than HUD knows to be true. HUD needs the information to demonstrate the success of NSP, and grantees must demonstrate that all Line of Credit Funds have met a National Objective in order to close out the grant. Both HUD and grantees benefit from having full and accurate data to demonstrate compliance, report progress to Congress and to answer media inquiries.

HUD is asking all NSP1 and NSP2 grantees to update all Completions in the QPR before the next QPR deadline (NSP1 Oct. 30th, NSP2 Oct. 10th). If need be, grantees should edit activities in their action plan to select the appropriate activity types, performance measures and enter projected Completions. Grantees will then be able to report on actual Completions for these activities in the QPR. The link below provides a guide for entering projected and actual NSP Completions in DRGR.

The following spreadsheets show all NSP1 and 2 grantees’ current Completions:

All grantees below 30% of the projected completions or with no completion information entered should double check to ensure the information is correct. HUD understands that many grantees are working with larger multifamily projects that can delay the number of completions. After the QPR Deadline HUD will contact grantees individually if they are below the 30% mark, to determine why they have low Completions.

Note to NSP3 grantees: Although you are not required to check your Completion data at this time, HUD encourages you to take the time and check the information to save time and effort in the future.

View the DRGR Guide on Accomplishment/Completions.

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