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HOPWA Grantee Reporting in IDIS

As of March 4, 2016 HOPWA Formula and Competitive grantees should no longer utilize IDIS for the reporting of annual HOPWA household output and outcome accomplishment data. 

Formula and Competitive grantees will continue to utilize IDIS for financial actions. This will continue to entail setting up Project Sponsor projects and activities in IDIS, the funding of those projects and activities, and the drawdown of grant funds against activities in IDIS. HOPWA Formula Grantees are still required to comply with Grants Based Accounting requirements regarding Project and Activity structure and funding.

Grantees will still have to report comprehensive household output and outcome accomplishment data and other data utilizing the CAPER (HUD-40110-D) and APR (HUD-40110-C) forms. Annual performance reports using the CAPER and APR forms will still be due to the grantee’s Field Office representative and to the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing Formula grantees within 90 days of the end of the grantee’s operating year.

Formula grantees will also continue to input data relative to the E-Con Planning Suite CAPER in IDIS at the end of their program year.

View information regarding the CAPER form (Formula Grantees), including current edition of the form.

View information regarding the APR form (Competitive Grantees), including current edition of the form.

The Office of HIV/AIDS Housing will be issuing new reporting instructions and additional guidance in the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Claire Donze, Office of HIV/AIDS Housing, 202-402-2365, Claire.L.Donze@hud.gov.

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