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NSP Resource Exchange Weekly Bulletin

NSP Investment Cluster (NIC) Reports Through March 31, 2012 Now Available
NSP Investment Cluster (NIC) Reports through March 31, 2012 are now available on the NSP Resource Exchange. The NIC study analyzes how markets treated with a concentration of NSP investment have changed over time compared to similar markets that have only minimally or not been touched by NSP. These findings are then displayed in a series of maps and reports at the cluster level and at the grantee level. These tools can assist grantees and HUD in understanding how markets in which they are investing are changing over time, and how certain types of investment might affect NSP target areas. View a summary of nationwide NIC performance and the methodology used to generate the reports. Note: The grantee reports are dated May 15, 2012 which reflects the date data were drawn from DRGR. However, in accordance with NSP reporting practices and standards, the data in the report reflect performance through March 31, 2012.

HUD Announces New CPD Income Eligibility Calculator
HUD is pleased to announce the CPD Income Eligibility Calculator, a new tool to help CPD grantees determine income eligibility and assistance amounts for beneficiaries of most CPD programs. It is as easy as 1-2-3: simply enter the requested data and this calculator will work behind the scenes to generate a summary of results for each beneficiary. HUD has announced an upcoming webinar series to assist users on how to use the CPD Income Eligibility Calculator to determine the Annual Income, Adjusted Income, and Rental Assistance for most CPD program beneficiaries. To view more information about the webinar series, visit the OneCPD Resource Exchange

NSP1, NSP2, and NSP3 Commitment and Drawdown Data Report
Cumulative commitments and drawdowns for NSP1, NSP2, and NSP3 grantees as of October 29, 2012 are available on the NSP Resource Exchange. This data is updated weekly. View the data.


Fair Market Rent and Income Limits Lookup Mobile Application
This mobile application is intended for users to search Fair Market Rents and Income Limits by current location or by metropolitan area, county, zipcode and/or address. This application was developed by HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) and can be downloaded to a user's mobile device and then used to determine payment amounts and rent thresholds for HUD’s housing assistance programs. In addition, the application can be used to discover the income limits established by HUD for households of different sizes in each location to determine eligibility for a variety of programs.

Strategies for Meeting Expenditure Deadlines Webinar Recording and Transcript - October 16, 2012
This webinar is intended for all NSP grantees to cover strategies that NSP grantees may consider to assist in meeting expenditure deadlines, including a review of ways to expedite their program activities and explore eligible activities that they may not be utilizing. The session also covers the importance of proper and up-to-date DRGR reporting so that HUD is aware of grantee progress. In addition, the webinar focuses on establishing a time-line for expenditures and assist grantees in determining if they are on pace to meet the expenditure deadlines and whether they should reevaluate their action plan. 


Using the Income Calculator to Determine Annual Income Webinar
November 13, 2012 2-4 p.m. EST Online *Originally scheduled for October 30, 2012*

Using the Income Calculator for Rental and TBRA Programs Webinar
November 15, 2012 2-4 p.m. EST Online *Originally scheduled for November 6, 2012*

View the NSP Resource Exchange events calendar for more webinars and events happening in a community near you.

Kentucky State Program NSP Boxelder Development Before and After

NSP Project - Boxelder Development - Kentucky State Program - Before NSP Project - Boxelder Development - Kentucky State Program - After

Photo courtesy of: Louisville Jefferson County Metro Government



Baron Lofts apartments, art gallery a reality
October 18, 2012 – Taunton Daily Gazette
Taunton, MA – Thanks to the Massachusetts State NSP Program, an abandoned furniture warehouse has been reborn as mixed income, live-work artist housing.


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