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HUD Requests NSP Grantees to Review QPR Completion Data

HUD has been tracking grantee progress on completing NSP activities. In aggregate, 60.3% of projected accomplishments have been completed. In order to be complete and reported in the Quarterly Progress Report (QPR,) housing units must not only be physically finished but occupied by an income-eligible household.

The NSP Team has analyzed the data for all activities and has detected some reporting anomalies. These issues may be related to reporting errors or unoccupied units. HUD will sponsor a webinar in the next few months on this subject. In the interim, grantees should review QPR data on completions to ensure they are accurate.

Regarding data issues,  HUD looks at only four capstone categories of activities, of which all other activities are subsets. These are:

  • Clearance/Demolition
  • Homeownership Assistance
  • Rehabilitation/Reconstruction
  • New Construction

All grantee completions must be reported in one of these categories to be counted accurately.

Because HUD removes duplicates based on addresses, grantees can simply add the information to the proper category without having to revise totals in other activities. For example, one grantee reported all completed units in Disposition, which made its 100 completed homes invisible in HUD Production Reports. They have added the data to the proper activity and now reflect the correct total. Grantees can review the data that HUD uses in the Production Reports; individual grantees are listed by state in the Summary Reports. View the NSP Production Reports.

Grantees that have built or renovated units which remain vacant (due to weak market conditions, difficult locations, perceived high costs, or other factors) should request technical assistance to help develop an appropriate strategy for these units.  Keep in mind that if these units remain vacant,  HUD would require repayment of all expended funds with non-federal funds.  

Grantees should request technical assistance through the OneCPD website or contact their field office.  The Department plans to add a new Performance Measure to the QPR to list units which are available for occupancy, but vacant. The NSP team will also be contacting grantees that appear to have these problems to ensure that the program succeeds.

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