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Notice CPD-22-07: Instructions for Urban County Qualification for Participation in the CDBG Program for FYs 20232025

HUD has released Notice CPD-22-07: Instructions for Urban County Qualification for Participation in the CDBG Program for Fiscal Years (FY) 2023–2025.

This Notice establishes requirements, procedures, and deadlines to be followed in the urban county qualification process for FY 2023–2025. Information concerning specific considerations and responsibilities for urban counties is also provided. HUD Field Offices and urban counties are expected to adhere to the deadlines in this Notice.

This Notice provides guidance for counties wishing to qualify or re-qualify for entitlement status as urban counties, as well as for existing urban counties that wish to include previously non-participating communities. This Notice includes the following seven attachments, lettered A–G, that contain listings of:

  • Attachment A, all currently qualified urban counties
  • Attachment B, counties that re-qualify this qualification period (2023–2025)
  • Attachment C, counties scheduled to qualify or re-qualify in FY 2023 for FY 2024–2026
  • Attachment D, counties scheduled to qualify or re-qualify in FY 2024 for FY 2025–2027
  • Attachment E, currently qualified urban counties that can add non-participating units of government for the remaining one or two years of their qualification period
  • Attachment F, counties that may qualify as urban counties if metropolitan cities relinquish their status
  • Attachment G, counties previously identified as eligible but that have not accepted urban county status
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