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A Full Year of The Vienna Project, 2013-2014

As 2014 draws to a close, I want to send a holiday greeting to everyone who supported The Vienna Project. The great success of this innovative project came from many sources. Substantial support was forthcoming from the Austrian government and in-kind support came from a number of Austrian organizations, corporations, institutions, and project partners, most notably from the University of Applied Arts, and the Jewish Museum Wien. Colleagues from the Women’s Studies Center at Brandeis University, as well as from Lesley University contributed gifts as well as organizational support. Our talented project team remained energized for a full year, developing the many lively, interactive components of project programming, that included: research, stencil sprays, video installations, a memory map and smartphone app development, performance art, oral history interviews, guided tours, Holocaust education curricula, social media networking, the Reading Marathon, and a stunning Closing Ceremony and Naming Memorial. Thank you to Rubina Möhring, our accomplished moderator, to all the speakers and readers at our Closing Ceremony, and to Dieter Flury, Matthias Schorn, Clemens Horak, and Benedikt Dinkhauser, musicians from the Wiener Philharmoniker for their inspirational performances.  

Closing Ceremony with Ambassador Wolfgang Paul   Photo Credit: Christian Wind ©

Working closely with Elisabeth Wildling to create the “Naming Memorial” was an especially gratifying achievement.  The conceptual design of the “Naming Memorial” made an original contribution to the field of memorialization that is likely to impact future memorial development, regarding representations of multiple victim groups within a single memorial project.  

Special thanks goes to directors of the five databases who supplied us with 91,780 victims’ names: Dem Dokumentationsarchiv des Österr. Widerstandes (DÖW), dem Kulturverein der Österr. Roma, dem Dokumentationszentrum Hartheim / Oberösterr. Landesar- chiv, dem Slowenischen Wissenschaftlichen Institut in Klagenfurt / Celovec, and the Gsell database; and to Georg Reisch and his team of technicians at Pani GmbH for managing and implementing the projections. 

Naming Memorial                                                                  Photo credit: Christian Wind ©

The web site continues to be updated with new material.  The Smartphone app containing the 38 sites will remain active, and Holocaust curricula will continue to be available on the web site for educational use. 

I am now focused on post–project development, which will include a semi-permanent installation of the stencil sprays at many of the 38 memory sites (organized by Peter Mlczoch), a book publication, a video, a traveling exhibition, and more—stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who made The Vienna Project a reality!

Wishing you a great year ahead,

Project team and contributors to Closing Events (listed alphabetically)
Axel Wolf Bierbaum
Shachar Brenner
Sonja Danner
Alexander Eisner
Nikolaus Gansterer 
Desiree Heusl
Mathias Janko  
Waltraud Jungwirth
Alexander Matthias Kosnopfl
Kabren Levinson 
Kate Melchior
Ildiko Meny 
Peter Mlczoch
Rubina Möhring
Maxi Neuwirth
Philipp Reischel
Georg Reisch
Jerome Segal 
Natascha Sulz
Johanna Taufner 
Georg Traska 
Elisabeth Wildling 
Christian Wind
Marianne Windsperger 


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