Issue Two December 2022
It seems like no time since we were celebrating Zonta’s centenary. It seems we were ‘teal’ trendsetters! And now, in a flash, we have reached our 103rd Birthday.
Area 5, Hobart Derwent Club, Life Member, Dr Catherine Mair turns 100 on the 18th December, 2022.  Catherine has made a lasting contribution to Zonta International, particularly within Area 5, but also at a district level over the last 52 years, being instrumental in establishing the first Clubs in Tasmania in the 1970’s. The following is an extract from her Bio.....     
Dr. Catherine Mair has made a lasting contribution to her Zonta club and Zonta International for the past 52 years – we believe she is the longest serving member of Zonta in District 23, and even in her 93rd year still drove herself to meetings which she never missed.
Catherine still contributes by running a small service project as well as contributing to discussion regarding membership, service, and advocacy. Club members believe that she is a great role model to all at club level and she will tell you that her reason for being a Zontian was “the ethos of the organization”.
 Catherine has made a lasting contribution to Zonta in District 23 – as an active member for 54 years holding a number of positions including club Treasurer on a number of occasions and club By Laws and Resolutions Chairman at both club and district level.  She attended many ZI Conventions, District 16 and District 23 Conference and Area workshops. She assisted with the District 23 Conference in Hobart in September 1993 as Conference treasurer. District 23 By Laws Chairman 1992 – 94 and one of the first District 23 Centurions in 1990 – 1992 She is a charter member of the Zonta Clubs of Hobart, the Zonta Club of Queenborough 
and currently a life member of the Zonta Club of Hobart Derwent.

16 Days of Activism
As I write this, we are in the midst of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence and the campaign to Orange the World. Zontians around the world have been involved in these activities for several biennia; currently, the ZI Board has highlighted this time as a major focus for our Advocacy activities under Goal 1: Stand out for Gender Equity. The campaign was started by activists at the inauguration of the Women’s Global Leadership Institute in 1991 and continues to be coordinated each year by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership. It is used as an organising strategy by individuals and organisations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. It runs annually from November 25 (International Day Against Violence Against Women) to December 10 (International Human Rights Day). See later in this bulletin for news on what our clubs have been up to.

I recently had the privilege of attending the unveiling of the ‘Zonta’ bench in the Melton Botanic Garden. This was the culmination of a project to recognise the Zonta Club of Melton’s 25 years of service to women and girls in their local community, their contribution to gender equality and to those affected by family violence. The bench provides a peaceful and beautiful spot to sit, remember and reflect. Zontians joined together to read a moving poem by Venna Barsiwal - see below -  (ZC Melbourne’s East). (photo is of poem reading)
Another of our district goals for the biennium (Goal 2: Represent Global Citizenship) is to have 75% of clubs contribute items to ‘Share Your Story’ on the ZI website. To add your club’s story, go the Zi website: My Zonta, Forms, Share Your Story. You can read the stories on the ZI website: Our Programs, Local Service and Advocacy. So far, we have only reached 18% of clubs. I am looking forward to lots of activity following the 16 Days of Activism.
Posts have come from the Zonta Clubs of:
  • Melton and Melbourne’s West ZC (14 July) Aussie Hay Runners drought relief
  • Bunbury (17 Sept) International Literacy Day
  • Bendigo (24 Sept) Donations to local causes
  • Melton (12 Oct) NSW flood victims flood relief
  • Perth Northern Suburbs (16 Nov) Birthing Kit Assembly
And one Z-Club! Kingia Z-Club (17 Sept) Donation to the Dolphin Discovery Centre. (This should be on your itinerary when in Bunbury for the District Conference in Sept 2023)  Stay in touch with what is happening at Zonta International. There is an app for iPhone and Android – a great one to add to your phone. You can download it here:
Have you been following the ‘Remarkable Women, Powerful Stories’ videos? Lynne Foley (District 22) is the ZI ‘Share the Spirit’ Chair for the biennium. Lynne is herself a remarkable woman; she says ‘I channel my energy into influencing and supporting each woman I meet to be empowered to reach her aspirations. I intend my legacy to be the contribution I make to achieving gender equality, through opening doors to education for women and girls’. Each month, she interviews a remarkable woman. Find their inspiring stories at: ( photo Lynne Foley)

Other inspiring stories, ‘First for Women’ can be found at
In addition to Many political ‘firsts’ in the USA, here is a smattering of the offerings for November:
  • Lakeshia Anderson-Rolle – first woman appointed executive director of Bahamas National Trust, the country’s foremost environmental stewardship organization.
  • Charlie Blackwell-Thompson – first woman to serve as a NASA launch director.
  • Lt. Cmdr. Amber Cowan – first woman executive officer aboard a US submarine.
  • Michelle Glasgow – first woman chief of the Sipekne'katik First Nation (Nova Scotia, Canada).
  • Rawya Mansour – first woman from Egypt to receive membership of the Planetary Health Pledge Club.
  • Nataša Pirc Musar – first woman president of Slovenia.
One of the important ZI projects under Goal 2: Represent Global Citizenship is the Global Programme to End Child Marriage. Child marriage is closely associated with deprivations in education, health, access to resources and empowerment. One of the biggest deprivations often related to the marriage of a child is the exit from schooling.  At the Transforming Education Summit at the 77th UN General Assembly, UNICEF released a new analysis entitled The Power of Education to End Child Marriage. According to UNICEF, "This publication uses data to illustrate how child marriage and schooling are related, showing the likelihood of child marriage among populations with different levels of education, as well as the educational status of girls who are child brides today."
Among the key findings are:        
  • The girls most at risk of becoming child brides are those with little or no education. Every year of schooling matters, but advancing through secondary school is especially protective.
  • If all girls were to complete secondary school, the level of child marriage would likely fall by two-thirds (66%). If all girls continued on to higher education, the level would drop by more than 80%.
  • In the top three countries for child marriage, no more than 5% of girls finish secondary School.
Education is clearly a vital strategy in the fight to end child marriage.
Kay Stewart
ZI District 23 Governor 2022-24

News from Area Directors

Area 1 News
The six clubs in Area 1 have all been very proactive.  Over the past few months there have been Membership drives, Breast cushion assembly days, Pamper packing nights for those in need, Educational Awards, Bunning’s BBQ’s, and involvement with like minded organizations helping them prepare for Christmas giving. 

ZC Melton had the Unveiling of Melton Botanic Gardens Zonta Bench with 31 attendees.   Zontians gathered around the bench to read Veena Aswal Barsiwal’s moving poem ‘Buried Deep’
The main focus has been on the 16 days of Activism with many clubs joining ZCMoY on November 16th for the Walk against Violence in Melbourne’s CBD.  Several clubs organised Orange ladies displays, Behind the door posters, Library displays, Daily social media postings on Facebook and Instagram  and much more.   
ZC Mornington Peninsula arranged to ‘Light up the Base of the McCrae Lighthouse’ in Orange which looked spectactular.
At our Area 1 President’s meetings we have shared knowledge and ideas, successes and concerns and friendships have been formed.    I am looking forward to our next Area 1 President’s meeting at my place in January and working with them all in 2023.

Yvonne Lockwood Area 1 Director

Area 2 News   16 Days of Activism
This year all 12 clubs were actively engaged in running events around the 16 Days of Activism.
Among the events was yarn bombing of  local parks, displaying orange ladies around various towns, bakeries offering donuts with orange icing, painting T-Shirts for display on community clotheslines, Zonta Says No displays in libraries, community Vigils designed to focus on the plight of women and children, lighting up the Iconic buildings of Adelaide and the silos in Port Lincoln.
One fantastic event which I was privileged to attend was the launch of the 'Remembering Courageous Women Mosaic Mural' undertaken by the members of the Zonta Club of Gawler.  The Mural was launched by the Mayor of Gawler and a short speech about Zonta was given by Lesley Sweetman, District 23 Advocacy Chair. Sandra Sullivan a mosaic Artist and member of the Zonta Club of Gawler shared her skills with other members so they could contribute to the development of the Mosaic. Sandra explained that in designing the Mosaic Mural her intention for the mural was to celebrate women and their children to picture them in a place where their memory is honoured. She wanted to eliminate any political or judgemental elements and instead highlight them in a place of safety and beauty and to pay homage to women, from all different cultures .. So many different symbols representing women are included. A border designed by local Aboriginal women, Kira and Cody from Ngadii Art surrounds the mural, a rainbow works its way across the panels to represent the LGBTQI+ community and  among the various other symbols are those relating to feminist beauty i.e. birds and butterflies. 'The mural will be a sacred space, a place of contemplation for those who choose to sit and reflect. It will serve as a place of remembrance for the Zonta Club of Gawler and the Gawler Domestic Violence Networks' Annual Twilight Vigil which takes place during the 16 Days of Activism in memory of murdered women and victims of Domestic Violence.
It was wonderful to see the culmination of wonderful collaboration reflected in this mural.
Our secretary Jane Morrison,  has sent in an interesting snippet for D23 members. Jane's son came across this statue in South Dakota. The statue is called “Dignity” and was erected by the Lakota Sioux tribe as a tribute to their women.  It is a matriarchal society and as we know Zonta is one of their words.  The statue is located in South Dakota but has not received much publicity in USA

Lesley Siegloff, Area Director 

Area 3 News

Area 3 clubs are variously actively involved in Days for Girls, production of Breast Care Cushions, packing of Birthing Kits, Zonta says NOW, White Ribbon Day (25 Nov) and the 16 Days of Activism (November 25 to December 10).
Fundraising events have included fashion parades, Melbourne Cup lunches, wine sales, raffles, quiz mornings and guest speaker events.
The biennial Founders Day Lunch was hosted by the Perth Northern Suburbs on Saturday 5 November. at which the Woman of Achievement Awards were presented to each of the club’s nominees for their outstanding community and/or professional service.  In addition, the Area 3 Jane M Klausman Women in Business Award 2022 was be presented to Amy Zahra. Each awardee participated in a panel-style presentation for the audience to gain deeper insights into their motivations to serve.
A major achievement, announced by the Perth Club at their 50th anniversary dinner, is the establishment of the Perth Foundation for Women Ltd with tax deductibility status to encourage philanthropic donors, bequests and the like. Have other clubs established such a foundation? Check it out at:
In line with Zonta International’s aims of Improving Education, Tackling Climate Action, Advocating for Women’s Rights and Transitioning Change, Area 3 clubs contribute to many ongoing projects:
  • Backpacks for Children: This project has grown this year providing many more backpacks for children from disadvantaged families in their school year.
  • Containers for Change: The funds from our recycling have been channelled into many areas of need as well as cleaning up the environment.
  • Letters to Politicians: Parliamentarians have received letters outlining our concerns regarding the inequality experienced by women living in Australia.
  • The Josephine Spaull Performing Arts Scholarship: In its second year, has provided two young performers an opportunity to advance their talents to achieve their goals and transition change for the future.
Pauline Vukelic    Area 3 Director
Area 4 News
The Area 4 clubs have been actively involved in the 16 Days of Activism. Activities have included:
  • many, many Orange Ladies around communities
  • lots of orange lighting, from water towers to hospitals, botanic garden conservatory, football grounds and other buildings.
  • many clubs doing daily Facebook posts for the 16 days, as well as other social media posts.
  • some finger nail painting in the streets of Albury/Wodonga
  • Yarn Bombing, putting orange ribbons around Pall Mall trees and a walk around Lake Weeroona in Bendigo.
Chris Denmead  Area 4 Director

Area 5 News
The five clubs in Area 5 have all been very busy over recent months with some exciting activities occurring for United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the start of the 16 days of activism to reduce violence against women.  The following are some selected photos and brief descriptions.
“The Zonta club of Hobart acknowledged the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women by holding a fund-raising luncheon.  Speakers at the luncheon was CEO of Engender Equality and two women who courageously shared their lived experience as survivors of domestic violence. Proceeds from the event will be shared between Engender Equality and Jireh House who provide services directly to women who have experienced domestic violence.   Engender Equality provides an information and support service whereas Jireh House is a refuge for women and their children.
The Hobart Derwent Club worked in partnership with Citizen Tasmania  to host an Advocacy Breakfast with the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner  , Sarah Bolt  on 25th November and launch 16 Days of Activism around Tasmania.   Also supported the Rally for Human Rights on Parliament Lawns on 26th November.

Cradle Coast Club  supported a suite of activities including a Bunnings sausage sizzle  Saturday, 26th November.  
The Hobart Derwent Club and the Devonport Club were both successful in gaining support from local councils to light up the bridges in each city with the colour Orange for the 25th November. 
Area 5, Hobart Derwent Club, Life Member, Dr Catherine Mair turns 100 on the 18th December, 2022.  Catherine has made a lasting contribution to Zonta International, particularly within Area 5, but also at a district level over the last 52 years, being instrumental in establishing the first Clubs in Tasmania in the 1970’s. The Area 5 Clubs will be honouring Catherine with a joint card and letter from the Area Director.   
Wendy Quinn   Area 5 Director

Education Awards

Amelia Earhart Fellowship 

Amelia Earhart Day is just around the corner...
With the year almost over, and everyone getting ready to enjoy a relaxing time with family and friends, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of an important day in January.
Zonta International designated 11 January as Amelia Earhart Day in honour of Amelia Earhart's achievement as the FIRST aviator to fly solo from Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California on 11 January 1935 – a flight attempted by many others without success.
An aviatrix that stretched the boundaries of flight, Amelia Earhart was also a strong advocate for women in nontraditional roles.  She encouraged women to think outside the box, saying we should “Try the impossible, and when we fail, our failure should be a challenge to others”.  She also said that “If enough of us keep trying, we’ll get someplace.”  As an AE Fellow, these thoughts resonate strongly with me.
So how will you be celebrating Amelia Earhart Day? Do you have any plans to acknowledge this amazing Zontian?  I would love to hear about them. If you do have an event planned, please share the Save The Date or Activity fliers so that we can spread the word and encourage other members to attend.  I would also encourage all clubs to also post on social media and to ZI Share Your Story.
Have a wonderful and safe Christmas
Kaliope Vassilopoulos
AE Fellowship Coordinator and former AE Fellow

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

The District 23 winner, and consequently recipient of a Zonta International scholarship, is Amy Zahra, nominated by ZC Perth Northern Suburbs Inc. Amy is studying Business Administration at Edith Cowan University.
This year marks the first time that Zonta International has awarded US$5000 scholarships to 37 women representing 23 countries (one per district/region and a second scholarship for each of the five largest disctricts. A press release and biographical description of each recipient will be posted on the Zonta International website by the end of January 2023.
Amy has clearly demonstrated outstanding potential in her field. She is currently working full-time as a Business Development Manager of Projects for Miele, studying part-time for her Master of Business Administration, and is the single mother of two teenage boys – Jackson aged 15 and Mitchell aged 12. While juggling all of these balls, Amy managed to make the Edith Cowan University Dean’s list for her Graduate Certificate in Project Management and secure an ECU Academic Excellence Scholarship to assist her with her Masters studies. The JMK Scholarship will assist her further in these endeavours.
Running her own business while her children were young, Amy also mentored other young women, resulting in them running their own businesses. Amy’s professional and entrepreneurial approach echoes that of Jane M Klausman.
Amy’s referees for her application praised her collaborative, dedicated approach to both her studies and work. Amy is able to combine business acumen with compassion and kindness. She truly is someone who epitomises Zonta and more broadly successful women in business.
Bev McNamara
JMK Women in Business Scholarship Coordinator

Women in STEM Scholarship

The ZI website has been updated and announces that, in June 2022, the Zonta International membership voted to continue the pilot Women in Technology Scholarship program with an expanded focus on all STEM fields, not only technology. Again, the program operates at the Zonta club, district/region and international levels, with each Zonta district/region able to submit one applicant for consideration for one of 32 US$5000 international scholarships. 

A single candidate from each of Zonta’s 31 districts and one region will receive an award of US$5,000 from Zonta International. The website advises that application materials will be available in December 2022, with submissions due to ZI by 15 Sept 2023.

Dr Prue Cowled
D23 Women in STEM Scholarship Coordinator

Young Women in Public Affairs Award                     

I trust all D23 clubs have seen the YWPA application form and supporting documents for 2023 on the Zonta International website and Presidents and YWPA Chairs are working with the schools in your area to promote this award. It is an excellent opportunity for visibility and to plant the seed for membership growth. If you have not already approached the schools this year, now is the time to put in plans to do so early in 2023, as club winners need to be finalised by 31st March 2023.
  • Consider press releases to publicise the award in your community.     
  • Send emails to school principals and school counsellors to elaborate on details of the YWPA Award. Maintain personal contacts with school principals and school counselors. Follow up to provide more information and guidance on how to complete the application form.
  • Reach out to other youth and community organisations to find applicants.
  • Use the collateral developed by Zonta International e.g. posters.    
Please send winning applications including associated additional documents as one PDF file to by 31st March 2023

Julie Pincombe
D23 YWPA Awards Coordinator

District Projects

Birthing Kit Project                                                                                
Recognising Your Champions – We Need Names By 23rd December, 2022
The Birthing Kit Foundation Australia, BKFA, partnering with Zonta Districts 22, 23 and 24 in Australia, wishes to recognise our Zontian organisers of Birthing Kit Assembly Days. Badges identifying these organisers as 'Champions' will be presented at Area Workshops in 2023.
Presidents, please provide details of these organisers and the number of kits made between 1999 and 2009. Please send the names to me by 23rd December, 2022 –

Joy O’Hazy and the Zonta Club of Adelaide Hills in 1999 developed a Zontian’s Vision by believing, ‘A world in which all women have access to a clean and safe birth’ was achievable.

Julie Monis-Ivett OAM, Zonta Club of Adelaide Hills Inc. provided the following information.
Every hour 33 women die of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.  An estimated 385,000 women die annually in childbirth, many from preventable infections.
 In 2003, District 23 adopted the Zonta Birthing Kit project that was proposed by the Zonta Club of Adelaide Hills.  This project involves clubs arranging birthing kit assembly days to put together simple clean birthing kits that are sent to help birthing assistants in developing countries. The kits cost $5 each and consist of a sheet of plastic, gauze, string, a blade, soap and gloves.  The plastic bag and the plastic sheet are treated with an organic compound that helps the plastic breakdown.
This Birthing Kit project was recognised as the top Zonta International District Project at the Zonta International Convention held in Orlando in 2014. Districts 22 and 24 are also active in this project. As of mid-2021, 2.4 million women experienced a safer birth through access to clean birthing kits.
The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) was formed to oversee this project. Find out more  at the BKFA website here.
Gaining Sponsorship and Donations to Fund Kits-- How to Do It
Corporate networks seeking tax deductable donations can use one of the three options below.
Option 1 – Make a tax deductable deduction direct to the Zonta Club. BKFA to provide tax deductable receipt on request.
Option 2 – A Zonta Club can set up a MyCause page and provide a link to the Corporate body or others as required. Donations can go direct to the specific project as specified by your Zonta Club.
Option 3 – Donate directly to BKFA via the QR code on the postcard (include relevant Zonta Club/AD as reference when making donation for accounting purposes).
Where Does My Donation Go?
BKFA provides support to women, babies, and young girls around the world. Our approach is two-fold, with the supply of Birthing Kits to support improved maternal and newborn health and a commitment to longer term solutions to complex health issues in remote and disadvantaged communities. Your tax-deductible donations will support the work of BKFA and our priority areas of maternal and newborn health.
ZONTIANS AND ZONTA CLUBS AS BKFA MEMBERS – Consider becoming an individual member or suggest your club becomes a member of BKFA. $70 for individual membership  would be a wonderful gift for the person who shares our vision.
Forging partnerships to fund and assemble kits is rewarding. Please share your success stories and promotional activities.
Let’s ‘Build a Better World for Women and Girls’, recognise our Birthing Kit Assembly Day Champions and raise the profile of Zonta in our communities.
Tyril Houghton
D23 BKFA Ambassador
Breast Cushions Project

Congratulations to the Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens on the 7NEWS Adelaide story on 25th October about the club’s involvement in Zonta breast cushion project.  Many of you may have seen the Zonta breast cushion story at the time or shared on Facebook. If not, you can go to the club’s facebook to view it.
This great publicity has led to further interest in the project for an article published across Australia. Anthony Caggiano, a journalist at The Senior newspaper based in Adelaide contacted us looking to do a story for The Senior Health online newsletter November 29 issue. The newsletter is sent nationally and abroad.
With input from myself, Judy Lovett (ZC Adelaide Torrens BC contact) and Lyn Agnew (D22 Governor), Anthony wrote a great article. Here is the link:

Thank you to Judy, Lyn and Anthony for their contribution promoting our important project.
I will send the next breast cushion production stats report request for six months ended 31 December 2022 soon and will require the reports to be returned by late January.
Jasmine Koch
D23 Breast Cushion Project Coordinator


Lesley Sweetman is continuing as the D23 Advocacy Committee Chair for this biennium, having only served for part of the last biennium. As previously, she will be supported by Advocacy reps in each of the areas, who will work with their local clubs.
ZI president Ute Scholz has emphasised the importance of an advocacy presence around International Women’s Day (also Zonta Rose Day) and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Area 1&4 Advocacy

Zonta International defines Advocacy as
The expression of support for, or opposition to a cause, argument, or proposal.
Advocacy may include influencing laws, legislation, or attitudes.
Zonta Advocacy is an action taken in the public interest, or for the greater good with respect to advancing the status of women and girls, and their human rights.
We are now in our third year of holding Area Advocacy Committee meetings. The members are a representative from every Zonta Club in Victoria, including ZC Albury-Wodonga.
In the last 6 months Area Committee has:
  1. Shared resources between Zonta clubs, and other organisations such as Everybody’s Home, Work for Justice Reform, and Workplace Gender Equality Agency known as WEGA.
  2. Work for Justice Reform – is committed to breaking cycles of disadvantage especially for Aboriginal and Torres Straits islander peoples.
  3. Distributed poems written by two Zonta members. Poems by Veena ZC MsE – Buried Deep, and Carmel O’Brien ZC Mornington – Not All Men were read by their authors for publication online or at an opening for the 16 Days of Activism.
  4. Prepared template letters to send to candidates for state and federal elections.
  5. Enabled many Zonta clubs to adopt the Behind Closed doors poster campaign with both the You are not Alone poster and Zonta says Now to Financial Literacy for women.

Ending family violence is complex. It requires a coordinated focus across all levels of our community and all aspects of family violence prevention and response systems. Safe and Equal have listed a summary in 5 steps which includes developing specialist workforce and meaningful primary prevention – men must be included in the processes.
Zontians need to raise awareness of issues before action can be undertaken. Together we can achieve more.
Bev Devidas
Area 1&4 Advocacy Chair.



Debbie Schmidt : D23 Membership Chair / Lieutenant Governor

The beginning of a new biennium for Zonta is always an exciting time. 
The District is excited to be close to chartering our first e-club, the e-Club of Central and Southern Australia, which will be allocated Area 1. Further information will be given to clubs as we get closer to a charter date.   I would love to hear from any past member or friend of Zonta who may be interested in being involved but have struggled, or would struggle, to make face-to-face meetings.  Please pass on my contact details or email the District directly .
I am looking forward to celebrating with and assisting clubs to Build a better world for women and girls this biennium.
Debbie Schmidt    Lt. Governor and Membership Chair
District Club Creator
ZI Goal 5: Position Zonta for the Future, aims, with the help of Club Creators, to increase membership by creating new clubs.  In District 23, we have set the hopefully modest aim of chartering a new club OR Z club OR Golden Z club in each area during the biennium.
 As the D23 Coordinator of Club Creators, I am still looking for a person from each Area to offer to assist me in coming up with ideas of where and how we can create new clubs.  Much has changed in membership and the style of clubs, so I am looking for innovative ideas and discussions of how we can create new clubs in District 23.
 Currently, we are still working on the establishment of the e-club of Central and Southern Australia for our District. Please email if you are interested ; our discussions will be via zoom.
Sandra Burns    D23 Coordinator of Club Creators

United Nations

Register for the NGO CSW67 Forum on 5-17 March 2023!

Registration for CSW67 will be open from 7 October 2022 till 27 January 2023. 
Another year in which we, the ordinary people, may register for FREE and 80% of attendees will be virtual! Even if you feel you can’t join a session at 3 am that you would really like to know more about, if you register to join and don’t attend, you will still be sent the recording to watch at your leisure. It is well worth it!
But it is also a great feeling to become part of the wider world and to chat to some wonderful people you have not met before.
Link to register for CSW67:   NGO CSW67 Forum Registration (
Zonta International is an ECOSOC accredited non-governmental organisation (NGO) so when asked who you represent, just use ‘Zonta District 23’
Alwyn Friedersdorff
UN Committee Chair
Area Workshops 2023
18 March: Areas 1 & 4 – hosted by ZC Melbourne on Yarra Inc.
25 March: Area 5 – hosted by ZC Hobart Derwent
29 April – Area 3 – hosted by ZC Perth Inc.
6 May: Area 2 – hosted by ZC Adelaide Hills
District Conference 2023
Join your Zonta friends in Bunbury for the District 23 Conference and be inspired to Build a Better  World. The Conference Committee are busy organizing speakers and panelists, who will motivate us with ideas for achieving a better future for our world.  The program will offer three fun filled few days in the southwest of WA.
So time to start making plans to holiday in WA . The program will begin with noon registration on Friday 1st and conclude at lunch time Sunday 3rd September.
A Conference Newsletter, with updates and accommodation options, will come out in November. 
International Convention  - 27 June – 1 July 2024 
Brisbane Convention Centre QLD
Founded in 1919, Zonta International is a global organisation of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

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