Issue One September 2022
And so, a new biennium begins!
Incoming president, Ute Scholz, has set a very positive tone in her more flexible approach to the 2022-24 biennium. She emphasised the importance of the ‘Zonta spirit’ in working together and the value of celebrating our successes.
A new tagline (theme) was announced: Build a Better World for Women and Girls
From Ute Scholz: ‘Thank you for the support and positive feedback I have received for the new tagline ‘Build a Better World for Women and Girls’. My vision is for this tagline is to use a phrase that everyone can effortlessly understand and that is easy to translate. Of course, we will continue to empower women and girls through service and advocacy but, with the new tagline, we can elevate Zonta’s presence and participation in the global conversation on women’s rights to a broader audience and show more visibility.’
Personally, I think this tagline makes the perfect ‘elevator pitch’. In response to the question ‘What is Zonta?’ Answer: ‘Zonta is an international human rights organisation aiming/striving/working (whatever you like!) to Build a Better World for Women and Girls.’ You can very likely say this before the lift reaches the next floor!
The ZI biennial goals, at the broadest level, are:
  1. Stand out for Gender Equity
  2. Represent Global Citizenship
  3. Develop Future Leaders
  4. Celebrate Ourselves
  5. Position ZONTA for the Future
These goals (in their fleshed-out form), along with the D23 goals, have been circulated to clubs so that you can make your plans for the biennium. I urge all clubs to do this, preferably in a way that you will be able to measure your achievements.

We welcome the news that our ZI Board liaison for the 2022-24 biennium is Annika Brӓnstrӧm from Sundsvall in Sweden (District 21). The Board looks forward to her wise counsel at our meetings via Zoom, and we all will have the opportunity to meet her at the 2023 District Conference in Bunbury WA. 

What happened at Convention?
Thirteen Zontians from D23 attended Convention in Hamburg in June – nowhere near what we would usually expect, but not bad in these uncertain COVID times, Delegates were kept very busy carrying proxies for other D23 clubs; most were juggling three voting machines at a time - quite challenging when clubs had made various choices with their votes. A big thank you to you all! 

A number of decisions were made, which will come through as changes to documents on the ZI in due course.  A few important things to note are:
  • A number of items have been moved from Bylaws (where changes can only be made at Convention) to Rules of Procedure or Policies, in which changes can be made more expediently. The revised Governing Documents are already available on the website.
  • Reduction in the number of ZI committees.
  • Change in terminology from Chairman/Chairperson to Chair.
  • Changes regarding Membership – see separate report from Debbie Schmidt.
  • Changes to Education awards – see below
  • Name change from Public Relations to Greater Visibility.
The closing gala dinner was a grand event, with the formal ‘changing of the guard’ on stage. 
The review of ZI procedures will continue into this biennium. It was announced at Convention that the ZI awards for Jane M Klausman Women and Business Scholarships and Young Women in Public Affairs will be given to all district and regional winners, rather than being subject to a second round of assessment. From my previous experience on the ZI YWPA Committee, this change should provide more equitable opportunity, as in some countries, girls at secondary school are not exposed to leadership opportunities (making them less competitive) but may be contributing to their communities in other ways. Work has a started on developing the Strategic Plan, looking at a longer-term view of three or five years so that there is continuity from one biennium to the next. This will be a topic of discussion at the 2023 district conference.
The three districts in Australia (22, 23 and 24) are members of the Equality Rights Alliance, Australia’s largest network advocating for women’s equality, women’s leadership and recognition of women’s diversity. It brings together 61 non-government organisations and social enterprises with a focus on the impact of policy or service delivery on women and, as such, we have opportunities to add Zonta’s voice to policy makers on these matters. Recently, the Australian Zonta districts became signatory to submissions to the Inquiry of the Joint Select Committee on Parliamentary Standards into the Development of Codes of Conduct for Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces and also to the inquiry of the Senate Select Committee on Work and Care.' 

Kay Stewart
ZI District 23 Governor

News from Area Directors

Area 2 News
The first Combined Presidents face-to-face meeting was held at the home of Jenni Foreman, President Zonta Club Adelaide Torrens on 27 August (See photo below)
The focus of the meeting was “Collaboration - how can we work closer together?”  It was an ideal opportunity for both rural and metropolitan presidents/vice presidents of the 12 clubs, who don’t see each other often, to talk and share issues and ideas. There was a great vibe in the room and sharing was at the fore. A discussion was held about the ZI and D23 Goals 2022 -2024 which the Presidents will take to clubs for further discussion and elaboration. The Presidents then went on to discuss dates for the Area Workshops and all agreed that March, which in South Australia is called “Mad March”, is not an ideal time to run any workshop and that May is a more suitable time.
For the rest of this financial year the Combined Presidents meetings will be held via Zoom.
Lesley Siegloff, Area Director and Belinda Wise, Vice Area Director

Area 3 News

The first Area 3 meeting of the biennium was held via Zoom on July 10. Clubs are variously actively involved in Days for Girls, production of Breast Care Cushions, packing of Birthing Kits, Zonta says NOW and preparations for the 16 Days of Activism (November 25 to December 10) and White Ribbon Day.
The biennial Founders Day Lunch will be hosted by the Perth Northern Suburbs on Saturday November 5, at which the Woman of Achievement Awards will be presented to each of the clubs’ nominees for their outstanding community and/or professional service.  In addition, the Area 3 Jane M Klausman Women in Business Award 2022 will be presented. Each awardee will participate in a panel style presentation so the audience can gain deeper insights into their motivations to serve.
A major achievement, announced by the Perth Club at their 50th anniversary dinner, is the establishment of the Perth Foundation for Women Ltd with tax deductibility status to encourage philanthropic donors, bequests and the like.   Have other clubs established such a foundation? Check it out:
In line with ZI’s intentions of Improving Education, Tackling Climate Action, Advocating for Women’s Rights and Transitioning Change the following activities are in progress:
  • Backpacks for Children: This project has provided many more school backpacks this year for children from disadvantaged families.
  • Containers for Change: As well as cleaning up the environment, funds from recycling have been channelled into many areas of need.
  • Letters to Politicians: Parliamentarians have received letters outlining our concerns regarding the inequality experienced by women living in Australia.
  • The Josephine Spaull Performing Arts Scholarship, in its second year, has provided two young performers an opportunity to advance their talents to achieve their goals.
Pauline Vukelic    Area 3 Director

Area 5 News
A quick round-up from the five clubs in Area 5.  
It is with a great deal of sadness that Area 5 Zontians acknowledge the passing of long-term ZC Launceston member Dr Sue Dyson.  Sue was a passionate and energetic member of Zonta over several years.  Her contributions include being a past-President and one of the founding members of the inaugural committee to establish the women’s Art Prize Tasmania.  The four photos below depict the following: 
  • Congratulations to ZC Hobart Derwent who recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of their charter. 
  • As a result of a successful fund-raising Cocktail Party, ZC Hobart Club has awarded two scholarships to the Kennerly Children's Homes. 
  • In early August, the Cradle Coast and Devonport Clubs were involved in two significant community events.  Firstly, the opening of the Women in Arts Tasmania Devonport Exhibition.Secondly, hosting a very moving Missing Person’s Service with assistance from members of the Police Force and attendance of community members affected by this issue.
Wendy Quinn   Area 5 Director

Education Awards

 Amelia Earhart Fellowship                                                         
The 2023 AE Fellowship applications are now OPEN!!!                    
Applicants need to register to access the documentation needed to complete their submission. All applications must be completed in English and submitted online with all materials by 15 November 2022, using the following link,  to be considered.  
Help spread the word and encourage women studying at the Ph.D./doctoral level in aerospace engineering or space sciences to apply.  The universities and industries where eligible applicants may be found include aerospace, aeronautics, astronautics, and mechanical engineering, astrophysics, geology, physics and astronomy.  Contacting your local universities, tapping into your professional and social networks, and simply sharing the flier widely is the best way to get started. 
For more detailed information on the Amelia Earhart Fellowship, visit the Zonta International website at Amelia Earhart Fellowship (
Kaliope Vassilopoulos
AE Fellowship Coordinator and former AE Fellow

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship
The D23 JMK Fellowship winner’s application will be forwarded to ZI by 15 October for consideration for the 2022 international awards.  Materials for the 2023 round will be available on the ZI website in January 2023.
Bev McNamara
JMK Women in Business Scholarship Coordinator

Women in STEM Scholarship
The former Women in Technology Scholarship pilot finished in the 2020-22 biennium and was not planned to run this biennium. Following a motion passed at the Zonta International Convention in Hamburg, the name has been changed to Women in STEM to better reflect the breadth of women’s roles in STEM careers. Applicants should be enrolled in at least the second year of an undergraduate program through the final year of a master’s program at the time the application is submitted to the local Zonta club.
The closing date for District 23 to submit applications to Zonta International is 15 Sept 2023. Clubs
should consider if they wish to give an individual club award before forwarding applications
to District 23. This award may take the form of either a recognition award or a financial reward.
The relevant page on the ZI Website ( will be updated during October 2022. Further information on the criteria for application and an application form will be available by the end of 2022.
Dr Prue Cowled
D23 Women in STEM Scholarship Coordinator

Young Women in Public Affairs Award                     
The D23 award winner for 2022 was Mia Salomon from Ivanhoe Girls. Grammar School, nominated by the Zonta Club of Melbourne of Yarra. Mia spoke about her leadership involvement and ambitions at the club’s August meeting after being introduced by D23 WPA Coordinator 2020-22, Yvonne Lockwood. Mia was thanked by Kay Stewart, D23 Governor, and presented with her certificate by D23 Governor 2020-22, Sandra Burns  (see photo below)
Information pertaining to the 2023 awards is available on the Zonta International website under the Tools tab – Award, Scholarship and Fellowship Tools. As well as the application form, there are many materials to assist clubs and their YWPA Chairs are working with the schools in their areas to promote this award.   It is an excellent opportunity for visibility and to plant the seed for membership growth.
  • Consider press releases to publicise the award in your community.    
  • Send emails to school principals and school counsellors to elaborate on details of the YWPA Award. Maintain personal contacts with school principals and school counsellors.  Follow up to provide more information and guidance on how to complete the application form.
  • Reach out to other youth and community organisations to find applicants.
  • Use the collateral developed by Zonta International e.g. posters.   
Applications, including associated additional documents, should be sent as one PDF file to
Julie Pincombe
D23 YWPA Awards Coordinator

District Projects

Birthing Kit Project                                                                                
‘A world in which all women have access to a clean and safe birth’. Was it achievable? Could something as small as a birthing kit that is held in the palm of your hand save a woman’s and baby’s life? Joy O’Hazy and the Zonta Club of Adelaide Hills believed so and started making and distributing these kits in 1999. By 2006, 30 countries had received kits from the 100,000 assembled annually, with 2.4 million having been made by Australian volunteers, instigated by Zontians. During 2020/2021, 89,700 kits were sent to Africa, Haiti, South Asia, and Papua New Guinea.
BKFA, in partnership with the three Zonta districts in Australia, has launched an initiative to recognise organisers of Birthing Kit Assembly Days (Zontians and community partners), by presenting them with badges identifying them as 'Champions'.
Presidents of all clubs, please forward details of organisers and the number of kits made between 1999 and 2009. The Assembly Day organisers, our Champions, who have been instrumental in promoting and facilitating this program, will be recognised at the Area Workshops. Please send this to the Area Birthing Kit Coordinator (where relevant) with a copy to me.  Celebrate your successes with milestones, such as 5000 or 10,000 kits, with photos on social media and local community papers.
All clubs will receive a hard copy of the 2022-2021 BKFA Annual Report with important information to help you promote your assembly days.  There is also a letter from Adrian Harris, Business and Operations Manager BKFA, with suggestions to enable clubs to gain sponsorship and donations to fund their kits. This is timely with COVID having prevented many clubs fundraising to their previous levels and as a result the number of kits at $5 each has often had to be reduced.
Corporate networks seeking tax deductable donations can use one of the three options below.
  • Option 1 – Make a tax deductable deduction direct to the Zonta Club. BKFA to provide tax deductable receipt on request.
  • Option 2 – Zonta Club to set up a MyCause page and provide a link to the Corporate body or others as required. Donation can go direct to the specific project as specified by your Zonta Club.
  • Option 3 – Donate directly to BKFA via the QR code on the postcard (include relevant Zonta Club/AD as reference when making donation for accounting purposes). 
Becoming a BKFA member is a great way to support the cause – just $30 for an individual and $70 for a club or corporate membership. Visit their website
Many clubs have forged partnerships to fund and assemble kits. I would love to hear of your success stories and promotional activities. Working together we can ‘Build a Better World for Women and Girls’, honour our champions and raise the profile of Zonta in our communities.
Tyril Houghton
D23 BKFA Ambassador
Breast Cushions Project

A strong demand for Zonta Breast Cushions continues. I am often asked about the number of cushions made and where they are distributed.  The cushions are delivered to hospitals, McGrath breast care nurses, breast cancer clinics, friends of Zontians and individual who request cushions via the D23 website or email.
Based on reports received from 28 of the 30 clubs participating in the project, 2857 cushions were made in the six months ended 30 June 2022. This is a great achievement! Thank you all for your continued support of this project.
I would also like to share with you another great achievement by the ZC Melbourne on Yarra. Since revamping the look and size of the club’s breast cushion ‘gift card’ just over a year ago to prominently include the club’s bank account details, the club has received $1600 in donations from grateful cushion recipients for the breast cushion project. The size of the card is 10.5 X15 cm (quarter of an A4 page) which is big enough for the wording on the back and printed on semi-gloss paper (not card) which keeps the cost down.
It was created in Canva and if clubs wish to have the same card with their details, please provide your club logo/club website/bank account details to Caroline Kettle. She is more than happy to make a template for you. Caroline’s email address is
Otherwise, I highly recommend adding your club’s bank account details to your existing card to source extra funding for the project to continue.  The next report request is for six months ended 31 December 2022 withnreports to be returned by late January. I am hoping for a 100% response rate!
Jasmine Koch
Breast Cushion Project Coordinator


Mental Aid First Aid Project                                                                    
One of the most important conversations you may ever have could be with someone facing a mental health crisis. Mental Health First Aid teaches the skills you need to help someone you’re concerned about.
Many Zonta clubs have already sponsored or assisted in running a MHFA course in their community. If your club is considering sponsoring or running a MHFA course and you would like to know more about how to do it, please see the club MHFA resources on the District 23 website; or contact me at
Donna Fabris
Mental Health First Aid Project Coordinator


Lesley Sweetman is continuing as the D23 Advocacy Committee Chair for this biennium, having only served for part of the last biennium. As previously, she will be supported by Advocacy reps in each of the areas, who will work with their local clubs.
ZI president Ute Scholz has emphasised the importance of an advocacy presence around International Women’s Day (also Zonta Rose Day) and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Area 2 Combined Advocacy Workshop
This meeting was chaired by Jenni Foreman on 28 August at her home. Unfortunately, D23 Chair, Lesley Sweetman was unable to attend due to illness.
After Jenni shared the outcomes of the SWOT analysis that was undertaken at an Advocacy meeting last year, the  group discussed the Area 2 Clubs’ commitment to being involved in the 16 Days of Activism this year. Listening to the enthusiasm around the room and the sharing of ideas of each of the clubs it was obvious that Zonta will have an even greater impact on “Orangeing the Community” than we did last year in our various communities and the City of Adelaide. ZC Adelaide Hills showed their Orange Lady cut out of recycled Corflute. Clubs are interested in seeing them distributed around the various communities.Picture right shows the animated conversation about orange ladies held at the Combined Advocacy Meeting.

Lesley Siegloff and Jenni Foreman have agreed to prepare a calendar of events and a resource manual to be shared with other organisations including the National Council of Women, MPs and media outlets.
Jenni Foreman    Area 2 Combined Advocacy representative
Area 1&4 Advocacy Meeting
Areas 1 and 4 (Victoria) work together on advocacy issues. They are currently concerned with Homelessness in Older Women. In Victoria on any given night, there are approximately 1,100 people sleeping rough, making up around 5% of the state’s homeless population. The 2021 Victorian Government inquiry into homelessness found that the number of women in this situation is increasing.
As an example, a 70-year old woman rang a radio station to share her story. She had ceased work, her husband had died, she had had back surgery and was disconnected from friends. Her landlord of 12 years increased her rent and she was evicted. After living in her car, she moved to a motel as she was cold and did not feel safe. This story highlights issues around technology for older people (many applications are required to be done online), changing demographics/circumstances, difficulty managing living costs and a lack of social programs.
 The focus of the group will be on:
  • Ensuring women are not evicted into homelessness
  • Advocating for an increase in public housing
  • Supportive housing to be the centrepiece of government plans to address homelessness
Bev Devidas
Area 1&4 Advocacy representative

Some content courtesy of Glenda Lapsley


Debbie Schmidt : D23 Membership Chair / Lieutenant Governor
The beginning of a new biennium for Zonta is always an exciting time.  A new Theme, new or continuing International Projects and of course the start of a new club year.    As well as my role as Lieutenant Governor, Governor Kay has appointed me the District Membership Chair.   A couple of changes in relation to membership were adopted at Convention earlier this year.  They include:
  • The membership category Independent Members will now be known as Supporting Members
  • The age to qualify as a Young Professional has been raised from 30 to 35
  • Clubs no longer need to classify new members according to the Marian de Forest Membership Manual – the relevant Article now reads Clubs shall have a membership composition that is inclusive and diverse.
  • The annual fee for a Z Club or a Golden Z Club has been increased to $25
It is expected that the updated Governing Document should be ready on the Zonta International website for download during September 2022.
The latest membership figures by Area from Zonta International as at 5 September 2022 are:  Area 1 – 96          Area 2 – 208       Area 3 - 148         Area 4 - 143        Area 5 - 85          Total 680
Membership continues to be a challenge for some clubs.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at for any membership matters.  The New Member certificate has been updated for this biennium and is now available on the District website.

The District is excited to be close to chartering our first e-club, the e-Club of Central and Southern Australia, which will be allocated Area 1. Further information will be given to clubs as we get closer to a charter date.   I would love to hear from any past member or friend of Zonta who may be interested in being involved but have struggled, or would struggle, to make face-to-face meetings.  Please pass on my contact details or email the District directly .
I am looking forward to celebrating with and assisting clubs to Build a better world for women and girls this biennium.

Debbie Schmidt    Lt. Governor and Membership Chair
District Club Creator
I am sure that many of you are wondering what this new role of Club Creator is all about.  ZI President Ute launched the ‘Club Creators’ at the Hamburg Convention, with the aim of increasing membership by creating new clubs.
I am looking for a person from each Area to offer to assist me in coming up with ideas of where and how we can create new clubs in D23.  Much has changed in membership and the style of clubs, so I am looking for innovative ideas and discussions. Please email if you are interested ; our discussions will be via zoom.
Sandra Burns    D23 Coordinator of Club Creators

 Z Club and Golden Z Club News District 23.
 What an interesting year it has been so far in 2022, with schools trying to function amid rising Covid cases, limited staffing and rules changing frequently!
We have a new Z Club in Area 5 – St. Brendan-Shaw College Z Club was chartered in August in Devonport, NW Tasmania. The new club has two Presidents, Amelia and Ella. They recently presented the new Z Club to their fellow students and the staff at the first School Assembly of the year. Their first project is highlighting the detrimental effects of fast fashion on the environment followed by an activity with upcycled clothing.
We only have one functioning Golden Z Club in WA, but universities have been particularly challenged since Covid began. It would be nice to see another Golden Z Club in District 23.
We currently have seven active Z Clubs and one active Golden Z Club in District 23. Unfortunately the Monash University Caulfield Campus Golden Z Club has had to close down. It is hoped that Area 1 can start a Z Club in Melbourne in the future.

What’s happening in some of our clubs?                                                                                              
Geographe Bay Z Club in Busselton (WA) held a fundraising campaign and a Donations Drive for Street Friends WA. The students teamed up with the SRC and collected sleeping bags, blankets, warm jackets, beanies and essentials for the homeless, and also held an Ice Bath Challenge. Staff and students went head-to-head in an Ice Bath competition. Z Club members were sponsored, and students voted for the staff they wanted dunked. A group of students then travelled to Perth with their donations and were given a tour of the premises, gaining an understanding of how a not-for-profit organization is run. A total of $2000 was raised. Well done!
Kingston High School Z Club recently featured in the local magazine Kingborough’s Young Reporters. They recently joined in with the Zonta Club of Hobart-Derwent, making birthing kits and meeting new Area Director Wendy Quinn.
Many thanks to the Zonta Clubs which support a Z Club or Golden Z Club. Could all clubs please like our Facebook page to spread the visibility of Z Clubs. Search for Zonta District 23 Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs.
Julia Taylor,  Coordinator Z Clubs & Golden Z Clubs

United Nations

This information about commemorating United Nations Day comes from Pamela Morgan, our ZI representative at the United Nations.
‘United Nations Day, 24 October, marks the anniversary of the day in 1945 when the UN Charter entered into force. UN Day, celebrated every year, offers the opportunity to amplify our common agenda and reaffirm the purposes and principles of the UN Charter that have guided us for the past 76 years. (UN Website) In 1971 the UN recommended that member states observe UN Day as a public holiday…’
‘As we take the time to reflect on the importance of the United Nations on October 24, we should particularly reflect on ways in which the UN has been a strong force promoting the rights of women by developing entities that include: Four World Conferences on Women; The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW); UN Women, the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment; SDGs, particularly SDG 5 focused on Gender Equality; the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women; the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW); Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security; the Convention of the Rights of the Child; and the General Assembly Resolution on Widows.’
‘Some activities that individuals and groups can employ to commemorate UN Day include:
  • Host an international fair;
  • Host an international dinner where people dress in their ethnic style of clothing;
  • Host a speaker who can highlight the work of the UN;
  • Attend a cultural performance of international artists;
  • Recognize an international group/organization that is located in your region;
  • Host an international activity for girls;
  • Screen a documentary focused on an international theme;
  • Screen a documentary film from the United Nations Audiovisual Library and follow the screening with a discussion;
  • Host a virtual meeting examining one of the UN actions affecting women and/or girls (CEDAW, SDGs, CSW, Resolution 1325, etc.);
  • Volunteer at a center that houses migrants in your community;
  • Host a virtual meeting on the importance of any of the four pillars of the United Nations:  Peace and Security; Human Rights; The Rule of Law; and, Development.’
Please share photos of your UN Day activities with our Greater Visibility Chair, Sue Hinton!
As the D23 UN Chair, I am happy to visit clubs in October...or other time!
Alwyn Friedersdorff

UN Committee Chair
Area Workshops 2023
4 March – Area 3 – hosted by ZC Perth Inc.
18 March: Areas 1 & 4 – hosted by ZC Melbourne on Yarra Inc.
25 March: Area 5 – hosted by ZC Hobart Derwent
6 May: Area 2 – hosted by ZC Adelaide Hills
District Conference 2023
Join your Zonta friends in Bunbury for the District 23 Conference and be inspired to Build a Better  World. The Conference Committee are busy organizing speakers and panelists, who will motivate us with ideas for achieving a better future for our world.  The program will offer three fun filled few days in the southwest of WA.
So time to start making plans to holiday in WA . The program will begin with noon registration on Friday 1st and conclude at lunch time Sunday 3rd September.
A Conference Newsletter, with updates and accommodation options, will come out in November. 
International Convention  - 27 June – 21 July 2024 
Brisbane QLD
Founded in 1919, Zonta International is a global organisation of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

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