Issue Three February 2023
Governor’s Message Feb 2023
We are now well into 2023 and a quarter of the biennium has passed!
This edition of the Newsflash focuses on ZI’s Education projects. The next Newflash is planned for April, and will include the usual Area Directors’ reports, with a focus on the advocacy activities around Rose Day / International Women’s Day (IWD). National and state advocacy will also be featured.
Many clubs have events planned for IWD – Zonta Rose Day in March. (Clubs in larger cities often find it difficult to do this and should encourage members to participate in events run locally by UN Women Australia.) Take the opportunity to make this a week (starting March 5) for global action – generate attention on Zonta through both traditional and social media. This not only raises awareness of Zonta but provides opportunities for membership recruitment. ZI also encourages individuals to donate to the Zonta Foundation for Women during this week.
I am pleased to introduce and welcome two new members to the district team:
  1. Firstly, Linda Tinney has stepped into the shoes of fellow ZC Perth Northern Suburbs member, Bev McNamara, as the Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship Coordinator. Linda will serve in this role for the remainder of the biennium, while Bev is taking a much-needed Leave of Absence.
  2. Have you heard of the Zonta Spirit? This concept was introduced by ZI President Ute Scholz at the 2022 Convention. It is described in the biennial Goals as ‘Our Heart and Soul’ and aims to promote friendships and lasting connections in Zonta, both locally and internationally. The Chair of the Zonta Spirit International Committee is Lynne Foley, District 22. Lynne has requested a liaison from each of the districts, and I have appointed Bronwen Haywood from ZC Central Goldfields. Her role will be to distribute material developed by the committee for the use of clubs. To learn more, visit the ZI website via My Zonta, Tools, Zonta Spirit.
Several clubs have celebrated anniversaries in January and February:
  • ZC Bunbury 35 years
  • ZC Wangaratta 35 years
  • ZC Fleurieu Peninsula 45 years
  • ZC Para District Area 45 years
Congratulations to these clubs and their members past and present! I hope you partied in the true Zonta Spirit.
There has been no further progress on biennium Goal 2: Represent Global Citizenship, aiming to have 75% of clubs contribute items to ‘Share Your Story’ on the ZI website. We are still at only 18%. (Some of these clubs have made more than one post.) I was hoping for lots of posts following the 16 Days of Activism and expected recently to see some Amelia Earhart celebrations featured. It is not too late! Please keep this on your radar for Rose Day / IWD activities.
  • It is easy to add your club’s story: go the ZI website: My Zonta, Forms, Share Your Story.
  • You can read the stories on the ZI website: Our Programs, Local Service and Advocacy. So far, we have only reached 18% of clubs. I am looking forward to lots of activity following the 16 Days of Activism.
Database changes
Some changes have been made to the ZI membership database:
  • Now that the Classification system for membership is no longer in use, the ‘Classification’ field has changed to allow open entries under the heading ‘Occupation’
  • There is a new field for the addition of your LinkedIn URL. This will enable better networking.
  • Clubs can now add their meeting times and club projects to be displayed on the ‘Locate a Club’ page on the website.
This is a good time for all members to add these details and to check the currency of their personal emails and addresses to ensure they receive ZI information.
At the 2022 Convention, ZI announced a brand-new cross-mentoring program, titled Great Women Meet Great Girls, designed to help participants develop future mindset attitudes and skills, connectedness, ideas, and solutions for concrete professional and/or private challenges. The Committee has sought out 100 women with diverse cultural, social, and professional backgrounds and of different generations from all six member continents, 50 Zontians as mentors and 50 Young Professionals, Golden Z Club members and education awardees. If you have questions, please write to You can follow progress of this initiative on the ZI website via My Zonta, Tools, Great Women Meet Great Girls Mentoring Program.

Yours in Zonta
Kay Stewart
ZI District 23 Governor 2022-24
Australia Day Honours
 Australia Day Awards – recognition for prominent Zontian
Exciting news! Dr Joy O’Hazy, ZC Adelaide Hills, was awarded an OAM for services to the community and to medicine. Joy is Deputy Chair and inaugural director of the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) and a co-founder of the Zonta Birthing Kit Project.
Joy has worked in women’s health for 20 years. She has had numerous roles in various women’s health and medicine clinics across SA, And if that is not enough – she served as mayor of the city of Mitcham from 1995 to 1997. Congratulations, Joy. We are very proud of you and your achievements.
Interesting FAQs from Zonta International
ZI has shared the following questions they have received and their answers – you may find them useful as they are likely to crop up anywhere around the world.
  • Why is ZI’s philanthropic support limited to programs benefiting Women and Girls?
‘The ZI Foundation for Women* is registered as a charitable organization in the USA. Under US law, charitable organizations are free to define their focus groups however they choose… The focus of our philanthropic work is on women and girls in line with our mission and vision to realize a world where women and girls have equal rights and opportunities.’
*NOTE: There is no approved acronym for the ZI Foundation for Women. Please write in full.
  • Does Zonta have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement?
‘Yes. Zonta stands up for human rights. The statement can be found on the ZI website, About Us, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.’
  • Who is eligible to apply for our awards and scholarships?
‘Individuals who meet the criteria of our programs and self-identify as a woman may apply. Any questions can be directed to HQ at
Statement from the Heart


What is constitutional recognition through a Voice to Parliament?
As members of an international human rights organisation, it is beholden on us to ensure we understand the Referendum on an Indigenous constitutional recognition through a Voice to Parliament. We have the opportunity to make lasting change to address the challenges faced by First Australians.

Please take the time to be informed. This is not a party-political matter but an opportunity for all Australians to debate the issue. You may wish to do this in your club with guest speakers, community discussions or by being informed by the huge amount of information available.

Details so far make it clear that:
  • A simple YES/NO question will be asked
  • Constitutional recognition through a Voice will have constitutional guarantee
  • The Voice will provide advice only to Parliament and Government
  • Parliament will decide the structure of the Voice.
Here are just some of the websites you can go to:
Explained in 30 seconds.
The draft words to be added to the Constitution are:
  1. There shall be a body, to be called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.
  2. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice may make representations to Parliament and the Executive Government on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  3. The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws with respect to the composition, functions, powers and procedures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.
The draft referendum question is:
"Do you support an alteration to the Constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?"
These words will form the basis for further consultation with both First Nations people and the broader Australian public. The Government will work with First Nations leaders to settle referendum details, including timing.
The Voice is a body that will:
  • provide independent advice to Parliament and Government
  • be chosen by First Nations people based on the wishes of local communities
  • be representative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • be empowering, community led, inclusive, respectful, culturally informed and gender balanced, and include youth
  • be accountable and transparent
  • work alongside existing organisations and traditional structures.
The Voice will not have a program delivery function, or a veto power.
The structure and role of the Voice would be decided by Parliament through legislation, with members to be chosen by First Nations people.

Amelia Earhart Celebrations


The ZC Fleurieu Peninsula (Area 2) celebrated Amelia Earhart Day at their January meeting, held at the Victor Harbour Yacht Club. Guest speaker, Lisa Knowles, spoke briefly about Amelia Earhart and the value of the Scholarships, before outlining her extensive career in aviation:
“Throughout her childhood, Lisa developed a desire to become a pilot. She was accepted into the United States Naval Academy where she studied Mechanical Engineering and was introduced to a male-dominated environment; roughly 10% of her class were women. After graduating, Lisa completed her flight training in Florida. Later her experience led her to flying helicopters in Hawaii.   From there, Lisa accepted an exchange job flying helicopters with the Royal Navy. Her next time at sea would again be from Florida.  Lisa met her husband in the UK and after marrying and having three children, she had the challenge of balancing a career and family. She was fortunate that her husband was able to help with raising the children. Today there is an increasing number of women getting in there and doing their jobs to the best of their abilities while balancing family life. Lisa has now retired to Victor Harbor and with three boys at school and enjoys spending time as a mum.”

Members of ZC Melton went to Diggers Rest to visit the Harry Houdini memorial on Saturday 14th January. It was a warm and windy day but the Caroline Chisholm Gold Shelter at the historic spot provided “shelter” from the hot sun. It was great to get together and to remember Amelia Earhart and her fellow aviator Harry.

On Sunday 29 January, the ZCs of Ballarat and Melbourne’s West jointly hosted an Amelia Earhart celebration at the Ballarat Aviation Museum.  Attended by members of the District Board – Governor Kay Stewart, Lt Governor Debbie Schmidt, and past Governor Sandra Burns – as well as many Zontians with family and friends, it was a unique experience to be amongst lots of planes and aviation memorabilia while celebrating our Fellow Zontian, Amelia Earhart.
With the tables set up in middle of the hanger, we were surrounded by aircraft of all shapes and sizes.  It felt like just the right atmosphere for Amelia Earhart to wander through the hanger doors and jump into the small red plane just behind us.
After a quick welcome from the President of the ZC of Ballarat, Caroline Nolan,we had a short introduction to the Aviation Museum from Bob, the Museum Coordinator. Louise from the Ballarat Aero Club was also there in support.
Over the next hour, with lunch available, we had the opportunity to scour through the museum looking for answers to 12 questions as part of a Scavenger Hunt.  All the questions were based on information within the museum displays, and using Google was not helpful! 
It was great to see people participating, reading all the information, wandering through the displays, and getting excited when they found the answers.  Although there were strict instructions of “no cheating” the response was “but we are Zontians and we help one another”. There was a bonus question, with extra points, if you could find the model of Amelia Earhart’s plane which was hidden somewhere in the museum – not an easy task as it was hidden within an engine. The winner of the Scavenger Hunt was Jasmine Koch, with a perfect score of 20, winning a great hamper and Women of Influence Puzzle. 
The event closed with a thank you form Stella Coffey, President of ZC Melbourne’s West. Tickets for our online raffle can be accessed by the QR code below. The raffle will be drawn at the A1 & A4 meeting on March 18’


Education Awards

Amelia Earhart Fellowship 
January 11 is the day that Zonta recognises as Amelia Earhart Day. On that day, Amelia, aviator and Zontian, began an 18-hour trip from Honolulu to Oakland, California, that made her the first person to fly solo across any part of the Pacific Ocean.   Amelia Earhart was, and still is, one of the world’s most celebrated aviators.  Her passion, dedication, and bravery in the male dominated world she lived in, demonstrated just how much women can achieve.

In 1938, a year after she disappeared, Zonta established the Amelia Earhart Fellowship in her honour.   To date, a total of 1,275 fellowships have been granted, covering a staggering 76 countries.  The 2022 winners were recently announced, and include an Australian, Ms Caroline Hamilton Smith from the University of Sydney. That brings the number of AE Fellow recipients in Australia to 37. 

I am a past AE fellow, and am passionate about promoting women in engineering, mentoring other women, and leading by example that we can achieve whatever we put our mind to.  One of my favourite Amelia Earhart sayings is “Some of us have great runways already built for us.  If you have one, take off. But if you don’t have one, realise it is YOUR responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for those who will follow after you.“ 
That’s what the AE Fellowship is about, providing the tools and the runway for the next generation. 

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the AE Fellowship, a huge milestone in Zonta’s commitment to encourage women and girls to study in aerospace-related sciences.  ZI are encouraging donations to the AE Fellowship Fund directly as individuals or from clubs.  If you would like to donate or would like any information please let me know.
Several levels are suggested:
Pioneer: US$25 individual donation in commemoration of Amelia Earhart’s age when she received her pilot’s license.
Navigator: US$38 individual donation in commemoration of the year 1938, the year that Zonta International launched the Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship.
Aviator: US$85 individual donation in commemoration of the 85th Anniversary of the Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship.
Trailblazer: US$10,000 to collectively fund a Fellowship as a Zonta club or individual donor, expanding horizons for women in aerospace engineering and space sciences.
 Donors who give specifically for this giving opportunity will be listed on a special Amelia Earhart 85th Anniversary Honor Roll list on the Zonta website.
Kaliope Vassilopoulos
AE Fellowship Coordinator and former AE Fellow

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship
I have now taken over for the rest of the biennium as the District 23 Coordinator of the Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship. I am off to New Zealand from 11th February to 5th March, but I wanted to remind to start thinking about promoting the JMK Scholarship.
Do please go to the ZI link below and familiarise yourselves with the materials that are available i.e. the application form and the 2023 poster that can be used for promotional purposes. Please send it out to your networks and on all forms of your social and print media. On the poster, please put the date 26th May for the return of application forms to Clubs and the name and details of the Club’s contact.
On receipt, Clubs will need to check that applications are filled out correctly. Applications will need to be sent to Linda Tinning, by 30th July.
The JMK Women in Business Scholarship is now worth US$5,000 to the District 23 winner and the scholarship is a good vehicle to promote the values of Zonta amongst young women.
Linda Tinning
Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship Coordinator

Women in STEM Scholarship

Information about and materials for the Women in STEM Scholarships are now available. This program operates at the Zonta club, district/region and international levels, with each Zonta district/region able to submit one applicant for consideration for one of 32 US$5000 international scholarships.
Materials can be found on the website via ‘Our Programs’, ‘Women in STEM Scholarship’ and include a description of the scholarship, a poster for publicising the scholarship, the application form, and forms for recommendation letters and verification of enrolment. Click here

Clubs should individualise the application form with their details for submission and also specify a date for receipt of applications to allow time for judging prior to submitting the winning club application to the district coordinator, Dr Prue Cowled,, in August. The successful application at the district level must be received at ZI Headquarters by 15 September. Official announcement of the international recipients will occur in November.

Dr Prue Cowled
D23 Women in STEM Scholarship Coordinator

Young Women in Public Affairs Award                     

A friendly reminder!
School has returned - have you commenced or finalised your club YWPA Award applications? 
 Clubs that have not already chosen their winner should do so by mid-March, in order to meet the District Deadline of 1st April 2023. Applications containing all the necessary documents should be sent as a single PDF file, to by 1st April 2023 
Julie Pincombe
D23 YWPA Awards Coordinator 2022-3

District Projects

Breast Care Cushions Project

Congratulations to the Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens on the 7NEWS Adelaide story on 25th October about the club’s involvement in Zonta breast cushion project.  Many of you may have seen the Zonta breast cushion story at the time or shared on Facebook. If not, you can go to the club’s facebook to view it.

This great publicity has led to further interest in the project for an article published across Australia. Anthony Caggiano, a journalist at The Senior newspaper based in Adelaide contacted us looking to do a story for The Senior Health online newsletter November 29 issue. The newsletter is sent nationally and abroad.

With input from myself, Judy Lovett (ZC Adelaide Torrens BC contact) and Lyn Agnew (D22 Governor), Anthony wrote a great article. Here is the link:

Thank you to Judy, Lyn and Anthony for their contribution promoting our important project.
I will send the next breast cushion production stats report request for six months ended 31 December 2022 soon and will require the reports to be returned by late January.
Jasmine Koch
D23 Breast Cushion Project Coordinator


Lesley Sweetman is continuing as the D23 Advocacy Committee Chair for this biennium, having only served for part of the last biennium. As previously, she will be supported by Advocacy reps in each of the areas, who will work with their local clubs.
ZI president Ute Scholz has emphasised the importance of an advocacy presence around International Women’s Day (also Zonta Rose Day).


Debbie Schmidt : D23 Membership Chair / Lieutenant Governor
I am delighted to see Clubs recruiting new members and watching them come through to the District.   Zonta International has recently announced a new incentive for Clubs – the 2023 Add Your Voice Membership Campaign.  Basically, this means recruit new Zontians to your club, register and pay for them online between 1 April — 31 May 2023 and their membership will extend to 31 May 2024.  This is exciting for new members but also Clubs.

Materials to help you prepare for the 2023 campaign, including posters, social media images and campaign guidelines, have been updated online at  Membership Chairs, please check out the materials on offer.
Depending on size, clubs are allocated into Tiers.  The top recruiting 30 clubs in each tier will receive recognition from Zonta International with the top three clubs receiving additional awards, gifts and recognition.
Club Nominating Committees will be hard at work at the moment.  This is always a challenging time, particularly for smaller clubs.  There has been a change to the term of office for Club Boards from ZI.  Please familiarise yourself with these changes as directors can now hold office for four consecutive years. The clip below also shows minimum requirements for a Board.
From the Zonta International Club Manual, June 2022 edition. 

I know that some Clubs are currently planning their International Women’s Day events in conjunction with Zonta Rose Day.  This is the perfect time to promote Zonta membership to your visitors and guests. Best wishes for all events and for all attending. I look forward to hearing about and seeing photos of the events on social media. 
Debbie Schmidt
Lt. Governor and Membership Chair 2022-2024

United Nations

Register for the NGO CSW67 Forum on 5-17 March 2023!

CSW67 is fast approaching and I have been attending a variety of preparatory meetings. It is so exciting that I can now do this at no cost, attend online and still contribute effectively!

At a Zonta UN Chair meeting recently, we were asked to nominate one area of concern for our District that I will focus on and then report back on to the UN Chair group after CSW67. Following a brief consult with District 23 Governor, Kay I have committed to Gender Based Violence as our focus area. However, I acknowledge that each topic is not a stand-alone, so I will be aware of the interrelationship between GBV, education, climate change, access to technology and leadership.

I was impressed to learn that ZONTA International is presenting two parallel events this year: one on the Madagascar Education program and one on Women in Leadership in partnership with Soroptimist International. How good is that?

Our President Ute Scholz also impressed me with her comments that, whilst we love doing our local projects, we must never forget that we are an International organisation. When compared to other such organisations, we are totally unique because of the work we do with the UN. An important message for our clubs!

Alwyn Friedersdorff
UN Committee Chair
Area Workshops 2023
18 March: Areas 1 & 4 – hosted by ZC Melbourne on Yarra Inc.
25 March: Area 5 – hosted by ZC Hobart Derwent
29 April – Area 3 – hosted by ZC Perth Inc.
6 May: Area 2 – hosted by ZC Adelaide Hills
District Conference 2023
District Conference, Bunbury, Sept 1-3 2023
Have you started planning to join your Zonta friends in Bunbury for the District 23 Conference?   The Conference Committee is busy organising inspiring speakers with a focus on youth and how they will lead us to a better future.  The program will offer three fun filled few days in the southwest of WA.
Conference Newsletter #2, with updates, travel and accommodation options, will arrive in your inbox in March.
International Convention  - 27 June – 1 July 2024 
Brisbane Convention Centre QLD
Founded in 1919, Zonta International is a global organisation of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

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