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Biennium 2020-2022                                                                                                         Issue 8 
Dear Zontians,

As the year comes to a close and we gather to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season, I thank you all for what you have contributed to the improvement of the lives and women and girls in your communities and around the globe.

I have been very impressed by the number of posts on social media, by clubs, regarding the Annual UN Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the following 16 days of Activism. So many of you have been out on the streets advocating for a STOP to Violence as well as joining with many other organizations to increase the volume of your voices and impact. It is evident that Zonta Says NO is a strong advocacy movement in all our District clubs.

With a federal election coming up in 2022 I urge clubs to advocate for women and girls by contacting all those who are preparing to stand in your electorate or stand for re-election, and asking what their views are on women’s safety, what they will do to bring about equality for women and their stance on biodiversity and climate action. As we know, universal child care is not a women’s issue but a family issue, and Zontians want to know what politicians will do to improve the lives of women and their families by delivering on equality. Let those vying for your vote know that Zonta has a strong mission.

As Carole says in her latest Zonta Says Now newsletter, “With Australia’s credibility in tatters internationally, and a federal election only months away, now is the time to engage with your politicians. Let them know how you feel about climate issues and ask them where they stand on gender equality and climate action.”

I recommend that you check out Carole’s latest newsletter.  So much to read about how climate action and women’s issues are recognized by many countries around the world. She is currently working with the Zonta US clubs, through their Caucus, on presentations for the ZI Convention in Hamburg. The US clubs were so impressed by our District’s initiative that they join our think tank meetings and also requested permission to use our title: Zonta Says Now.

Jess Hill has a new book out “The Reckoning”  How #Metoo is changing Australia. Great Christmas present for you or a friend.  Also the final in her podcast “The Trap” No 10 is now available.  Go to the Victorian Women’s Trust site if you have not had time to listen to the 10 sessions. They are free.

As we know Covid has taken a great toll on many and lockdowns in some States have had a huge impact on people’s mental health. When planning projects for your club in the new year, consider funding for a Mental Health First Aid training session.  This can be a great help to women in your community.  There is help available from those clubs who have undertaken the project and feedback is on the District website. Congratulations to those clubs who gained funding for their MHFA programs from local council or government bodies. Well done.

I am recovering well from my hip replacement surgery and will be travelling to Melbourne for Christmas with family.  Not sure when I will get back to WA (due to our closed border) but will use the time to catch up with the clubs in Victoria.

This travel offers me the opportunity to personally present our Zonta District and Zonta International winner of the Young Women in Public Affairs Award,  Eloise Amiritharajah,  with her certificates and prestigious ZI badge. The Zonta Club of Ballarat is hosting a special event so that I, along with YWPA Coordinator Yvonne Lockwood and club members can celebrate this great achievement.  Eloise is also one of the youth contributors to Zonta International Zonta Says No Summit on the 29th Nov.  (1st Dec for Australians) I hope you took the opportunity to book into one of these sessions.

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Christmas and hope that many of you can share with family or be in contact with family at this special holiday time.

Sandra Burns
Zonta International District 23
Governor 2020-2022

Zonta Club of Perth Inc.

Kay Stewart , Governor-Elect - Chairman

Many thanks to my Membership Committee (ADs) and individual clubs who helped to distribute and who responded to the recent Health of Clubs (Traffic Lights) survey. In the light of falling club numbers, Zonta International requested that districts provide them with a ‘traffic light’ assessment of the number of ‘red’ clubs, to give them an insight for future planning. Our ‘pilot’ questionnaire was used in Districts 16, 22, 23, 24. In it we investigated not only club health, but also club and member engagement. I was pleased to receive responses relating to 34/37 clubs in D23.

Membership is always an issue. Without members, Zonta can achieve nothing. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to increase membership, but Zonta International has useful tools on the website. Log in to ‘My Zonta’ go to ‘Tools’, ‘Membership Tools’, ‘Membership Recruitment’. Of particular interest is ‘Ideas to retain and recruit members". Zonta International will run the ‘Add Your Voice’ Campaign again next year, so start planning recruitment strategies now. 

Another issue highlighted by many clubs was difficulty in finding members to stand for leadership positions i.e., board positions, committee chairs. Again, the ZI website can help: Log in to ‘My Zonta’ go to ‘Tools’, ‘Leadership Development Tools’, Zonta Leadership Program’. Please explore the modules of interest under this tab. The program can demystify a lot of concerns.

Clubs have shown varying levels of engagement at Area, District and International levels. This is an individual club decision – don’t bite off more than you can chew. It is understood that clubs in small towns or remote areas will generally be smaller, and that may limit the range of things they can be involved in – and that’s OK! 

Don’t forget! If you know someone who may be interested in joining an e-club, please contact your Area Director or Kay Stewart

Young Women in Public Affairs
Yvonne Lockwood - Coordinator

I trust all District 23 clubs have seen the 2022 YWPA application form and supporting documents on the Zonta International website and Presidents and YWPA Chairs are working with the schools in your area to promote this award. It is an excellent opportunity for visibility and to plant the seed for membership growth.
  • Consider press releases to publicise the award in your community.    
  • Send emails to school principals and school counsellors to elaborate on details of the YWPA Award. Maintain personal contacts with school principals and school counsellors. Follow up to provide more information and guidance on how to complete the application form.
  • Reach out to other youth and community organisations to find applicants.
  • Use the collateral developed by Zonta International e.g., posters.    
DEADLINE: Foward club application to Co-ordinator YWPA Awards 2021-2022

Zonta Says NOW
Carole Theobald - Futurist / Leadership Coordinator 

Momentum is growing in the world of climate action.  In the last couple of months, we have had the G20 meeting in Rome, closely followed by COP 26 (on climate change) in Glasgow and COP 15 (on biodiversity) in China.  See the latest Zonta Says NOW News for a run-down on what happened and why these events are critical for gender equality.
We are also in the midst of the 16 Days of activism against gender-based violence.  A new report from the Equality Institute points out that unless we end violence against women and girls globally, we won’t achieve at least 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  

To create a gender-equal, sustainable world, we must end violence against women, close the gender gap and limit global warming to less than 1.5 degrees.  
Through Zonta Says NOW to gender equality and climate action, we can all play a part in creating a positive future for women and girls. For example:
  • Ask your federal members of parliament where they stand on climate before an election is called
  • Choose more sustainable options for Christmas presents 
  • Donate to the Zonta Foundation for Women’s Endowment Fund and
  • Visit the Zonta Says NOW website for more actions
Our Zonta Says NOW ‘baby’ is quickly growing up.  After her debut at the Zonta International Women and Climate Change Webinar in September, Zontians worldwide have enquired about starting similar programs.  
In October, members of the Zonta USA Caucus joined the Think Tank meeting - and provided such positive feedback that Zonta Says NOW is being rolled out across the USA.  We have now submitted a proposal for District 23 and the Caucus to deliver joint Zonta Says NOW workshops (virtual and face-to-face) at the Zonta International Convention in Hamburg next year. Fingers crossed that the proposal is accepted.
If you would like to join the Think Tank, please send an email to  

PR & Communications
Jo Wittorff - Chairman

Zonta International Elevator Speech Pitch finalists announced

On the 15th November, Zonta International President Sharon announced the Elevator Speech Pitch finalists and wasn't it exciting to learn that a club in our district was successful?

More than 100 submissions were received by the Zonta International PR&C Committee and we offer our congratulations to all the finalists, with special CONGRATULATIONS to the Zonta Club of Gawler in Area 2, District 23, selected as the winner of the Video category for the Oceania region of Zonta.  Great work Gawler!

The Zonta Club of Brisbane Breakfast Inc, Australia was a winner in the text/photo category so we are doubly proud that two Australian clubs were selected.

Thank you to all clubs in our district that submitted entries - without club participation, there would have been no competition! I also acknowledge members of clubs who tuned in to one of the two Zoom sessions to learn about the elevator speech pitch process. I was delighted that this activity was so well supported by our district.

You are all encouraged to read the pitches and watch the videos, be inspired by the great work of Zonta and spread our message of empowerment. The finalists below are listed in alphabetical order and submissions will soon be made available on the Zonta website.


  • Zonta Club of Aschaffenburg Area, Germany
  • Zonta Club of Gawler Inc, Australia 
  • Zonta Club of Makati Ayala, Philippines 
  • Zonta Club of Sanibel-Captiva, United States
  • Zonta Club of Brisbane Breakfast Inc, Australia 
  • Zonta Club of Chang Hua, Taiwan 
  • Zonta Club of Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
  • Zonta Club of Myrtle Beach, United States

View President Sharon's announcement of finalists here:

Best wishes 
Jo Wittorff

Zonta Foundation for Women: Endowment Fund
Ann Horrocks: Regional Representative

A big ‘Thank You’ to all D23 Zontians who have supported the Zonta Foundation for Women (ZFW) this biennium, in particular the Endowment Fund.  After 16 months the endowment fund has received US$496,755 of which 18 individuals and 8 clubs in D23 have donated US$15,099 – well done. 

While registering for our online Conference many members took up the opportunity to donate with about $6000 being given.  Board decided that this would be split between the biennial programs and the endowment fund. 

There will be further opportunities to support the endowment fund in the last 6 months of this biennium, as we work towards achieving our US$10M Goal. Each gift ensures that Zonta will have the necessary resources to meet uncertainties and continue to support programs that will empower women and girls for years to come.

Maybe if you are struggling to find that special Christmas gift, donate to the ZFW Endowment Fund or Amelia Earhart Endowment Fund. 

You can also acknowledge any special occasion with an endowment gift.  Help with social media posts and creating a Facebook fundraiser are on the ZI website under ‘Your Support’.  
I hope that you are able to catch up with families and friends at this special time of the year. I look forward to working with you in the coming months. 
Link to donate:

For more information, contact your Endowment Area Representative as listed in the current D23 Directory.

Ann Horrocks
Zonta International Endowment Committee
28th Nov 2021

United Nations Committee 
Alwyn Friedersdorff - Coordinator

March is a BUSY month for Zontians but I urge individual members to register to attend the NGO CSW66 Forum, which will run parallel to the CSW66 session, taking place from 13-25 March,  and kicking off with Consultation Day on the 13th. The NGO CSW66 Forum will be virtual.

Registration will open in the coming months. The Forum is totally open to the public, regardless of ECOSOC-accreditation status. And if you just can’t get out of bed at 3 in the morning, at least you will be sent a recording of the event!

Priority theme: Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the context of climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction policies and programmes
For more information about the NGO CSW66 Forum and past Forums, visit
NGO CSW 65 | NGO CSW/NY  and subscribe to the mailing list so you don't miss anything! 

Christmas wishes and peace to you all, Alwyn

Around the Areas


Clubs in our District have been extremely busy during the 16 Days of Activism and it is heartening to see the increase in community involvement, collaborations with other organisations and partnerships that have developed. Each year our Zonta Says NO campaign is becoming more and more visible and clubs have become more and more innovative in the way they spread the word - that violence against women is never acceptable.  

AREA 1 - Trish McLean, Area Director
All Area 1 clubs have returned to face-to-face meetings after 260+ days of lockdown, and members are enjoying the fellowship of being together again.
Unfortunately, there was not enough time following the lifting of restrictions to arrange major 16 Days of Activism events, but like true Zontians, all clubs are participating.

AREA 2 - Chris Frick, Area Director
Area 2 Clubs have been busy Painting the State Orange. Clubs are using their social media to promote the 16 days, with many clubs having daily posts with information and pictures. Many clubs also work with other organisations and government bodies to reach as many people as possible. Events will be held on most of the 16 days across the Area, with more than one vigil occurring. Congratulations to Area 2 Clubs for such a strong, versatile, and collaborative campaign for the 16 Days of Activism. 

AREA 3 - Tyril Houghton, Area Director
16 Days of Activism 
All clubs now have orange banners for the Zonta Says NO to violence against women campaign. Swan Hills participated in Midland’s ‘March that Matters’ in November. Bunbury members stood out in orange vests in the 500 strong Silent March on 19th November. Dunsborough members were part of the Busselton march on 25th November. Perth and Perth Northern Suburbs will join the Memorial March on the 7th December and Peel members participated in the Mandurah march. Area 3 clubs have been active on social media during the 16 Days campaign.

AREA 4 -  Chris Denmead, Area Director
This is always an especially busy time for clubs.
All the clubs in Area 4 have been involved in the 16 days of activism and it’s been great to see so much orange on Facebook posts.  Many clubs have used this time to generate significant local publicity for the 16 days and their clubs with newspaper articles and interviews, participating in Clothesline Projects, having walks, static displays, and lots of social media.

AREA 5 - Vicki Carman-Brown, Area Director
The second half of the calendar year has hummed with Tasmanian Zonta Club activity. It has centred around the assembly of Birthing Kits and the sewing of breast cushions and also featured advocacy and unique displays during the 16 Days of Activism.  Clubs promote this significant annual event by exhibiting banners, displays in the CBD or participating in “Walk the Talk” events.  Also, clubs financially or provide in-kind support, to local women’s refuges.  

District 23 Merchandise
Trish McLean

Club Merchandise on the D23 Website

Looking for a Christmas gift?

There are many items on the Clubs' items page under the Merchandise tab on the D23 website.  There is a picture of each item and a link to the club. 

Zonta Plywood Christmas decoration, for tree or gifts 
from the Zonta Club of Kyneton
Another great gift is the scarf as worn by the Conference Committee at the D23 Conference in Bendigo.  These can be purchased through the

Save the Date

2022 District 23 Workshops
 Areas 1 and 4 -19 March: ZC Albury Wodonga 
 Area 2 - 14 May: ZC to be advised
   Area 3 - 2 April: ZC Bunbury 
   Area 5 - 26 March: ZC Cradle Coast

Hear what is happening in the District, meet old friends and make new ones, have FUN.

2022  Convention Registration

65th Zonta International Convention 
25 to 29 June 2022
Hamburg - Germany

The Zonta International Board is pleased to confirm that the 2022 Convention will have both in-person and virtual options. They hope to greet all our members in Hamburg, but also invite all clubs to have a virtual representative so we can celebrate our global community.

The Early bird registration deadline is the 28th February 2022
Founded in 1919, Zonta International is a global organisation of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

This is the official newsletter of Zonta International District 23.
Governor: Sandra Burns
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