Creating a Community Cookbook: Q&A

As part of Voice of Witness's ongoing work with the San Francisco Unified School District, VOW supported James Lick Middle School with an oral history project focused on food and community.

The AVID Excel class—long-term English Language Learners—interviewed relatives and community members about a meaningful recipe, prepared a story about the narrator, then brought it all together in a cookbook and presentation in class. The resulting cookbook contained the stories and recipes of people from across Central America and the United States, as well as narratives about culture, identity, and family.

VOW sat down with teacher Veronica Galante and librarian Nathalie Hrizi to hear their reflections on the project. Check it out!

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Indigenous Narratives in the Classroom: VOW's New Curriculum Specialist

We are excited to introduce Suzanne Methot, our new Curriculum Specialist for VOW's oral history project How We Go Home: Voices From Indigenous North America, a forthcoming collection of first-person Native stories of the contemporary, ongoing effects of displacement and settler colonialism.

For each book in the VOW oral history book series, we develop free lesson plans that focus on the human rights issues featured in each book and provide activities for students to foster empathy, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning.

Suzanne will collaborate with VOW to create curricula for the upcoming book on contemporary Indigenous narratives in the long fight to protect Native land and life—bringing these crucial narratives to classrooms and communities across North America.

Learn more about Suzanne!

Community News: Intergenerational Storytelling with Seniors & Students

Voice of Witness is midway through an intergenerational storytelling consultancy with Sequoia Living, a local non-profit organization that provides housing and services to impacted seniors in San Francisco, and Ida B. Wells High School. The project focuses on relationship building through weekly visits and the co-creation of narrative art—visual art inspired by their personal stories. Based on early reflections, the project is resonating deeply with participants:
 “Several residents have cried telling their social workers how this is the best thing that’s happened to them in a long time.”

– Sequoia Living Intergenerational Specialist, Taryn Patterson.
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