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It's mid-summer and we're already thinking about Back to School. We have big news about Chicago Public Schools' unexpected move, practical information for parents, an opportunity to influence sleep research, and a stab at busting a familiar sleep myth. Thank you, as always, for your support, and we hope you're having a safe and healthy summer.

Heather Macintosh and the Start School Later Team


Sixty Chicago High Schools to Start Later This Fall!

In a surprise move designed to save $9.2 million by "streamling" bus routes, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) just announced they will be shifting 60 high schools to 9 a.m. openings and 17 elementary schools to earlier openings of 7:30 or 7:45 a.m. According to recent press coverage, the routes involved will go from three bus "tiers" to two. CPS announced the change less than two months before the start of school and without public input. Interesting how quickly a school system - even a large one - can make a decision like this when it ostensibly involves saving money!


Student Hall of Fame: Meet the Change-Makers

Congratulations to Ben Press, incoming Student Representative for Fairfax County Public Schools; Harris LaTeef, outgoing Student Rep instrumental in Fairfax County's successful start time change; Eryn Cooper, activist and spokesperson for our coalition partner SLEEP in Fairfax, featured in National Geographic's excellent film "Sleepless in America."  Nominate a standout student for our Student Hall of Fame, or encourage yours to get involved!

Events Across the Country

Sept 5: Sleep Walk | Tampa Bay, FL

Sept 16: SSL Executive Director Terra Ziporyn Snider, PhD, on "Sleep in the Popular Press" and "A Matter of Time: Adolescent Sleep/School Start Times" at MD/DC Society for Respiratory Care, Ocean City, MD.

Sept 25: Presentation by Sleep Expert Dr. Judith Owens, MD, The Walden Forum, Wayland, MA.

Click through Calendar of Events for more details or to see what's going on in your area and sign up to receive weekly updates. Let us know of events related to sleep and school start times that might be of interest to other Start School Later supporters around the country
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Bumper Stickers, Buttons and More

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Click here to find out about how to get a copy of Dr. Helene Emsellem's book Snooze or Lose.

Myth Busting about Start Time Change

We've all heard it: "If we start school later, the kids will just go to bed later." Here's your background: Adolescent sleep phase shift is also seen in all mammals, and is not specific to humans. It's a question of biology. Every study so far shows that moves to later start times pay off in terms of more sleep for teens.

As explained by neurologist Helene Emsellem, Medical Director of the Center for Sleep and Wake Disorder in Maryland: "Contrary to what you might think, teens whose schools have later start times DO use the extra time for sleep; they don't stay up later, but go to sleep at the same time they always have and sleep later in the morning. Does the benefit last? YES! CAREI researchers found that five years into their longitudinal study, students in Minneapolis high schools (8:40 a.m. start time) continued to get five more hours sleep per week than their peers in schools starting earlier in the day (7:30 a.m.).

Sleep education added to the curriculum can help. In a January 1999 article by Brown University Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior Mary Carskadon states, "Sleep is biologically obligatory. If students learn about sleep, they have a basis to use a changed school starting time to best advantage."

Here's Your Chance to Influence Future Sleep/Child Health Research

The NIH is identifying opportunities to address challenges at the intersection of pediatric and environmental health.Inviting Comments and Suggestions on the Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Program (the National Children's Study Alternative)

DEADLINE: August 14, 2015. To submit your suggestions, CLICK HERE.

Summer Slumber | School Shock

Even if your teen has a summer job, chances are they aren't waking up as early as they do during the school year. Experts suggest you can help ease the transition by starting one month before back-to-school to move bedtime back by increments of 15 minutes every three to four days. 


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