Start School Later
Vol 3 Issue 7
July 2014

Two More New Local Chapters
Start School Later continues to expand with two more new local chapters of Start School Later since June:
SSL Germantown, TN and SSL New Paltz, NY.

Germantown is physically located in Shelby County, where we have a sister chapter.  However, Germantown Municipal School District is operating a school system independently of Shelby County.  Recently, Shelby County did push their high schools 15 minutes later for the 2014-15 school year, but Germantown has not made any changes yet.  The district will be releasing a school survey about school start times and is in the process of forming a committee for the 2015-16 school year.

New Paltz has a seemingly luxurious 8:00am start, however, their large geographic area means that students are traveling on hour long bus rides, which requires an early start for many high schoolers.

Starting a local chapter in your area is simple.  Click here for more details.
Save the Date! Twitter Chat Event
Northeast Ohio's Stacy Simera will be a guest moderator (@MHSMchat) for a Twitter chat on Sleep and Mental Health on August 13 at 8pm ET, hashtag ‪#‎mhsm‬  If you are a Twitter user, be sure to chime in!
Busy Summer Session
Two of our chapters have been extremely busy advocating for healthier school start times and holding their school boards accountable for making decisions based on health needs and scientific evidence.  Our Montgomery County, MD Chapter mobilized a phone, email and media campaign (including a pajama protest!) after School Superintendent Joshua Starr went back on his word to support a later school start time, ciaiming that change was too expensive. At the urging of a school Board of Education member, Montgomery County will re-examine options with lower costs.

Our Seattle chapter played a pivotal role in educating the Public School Board on the need to start high school after 8:00am.  The Board voted 6-1 to study the issue, with a report to be submitted by September of 2015.  While the need for further studies and the expense they incur are debatable, it is crucial to keep the issue of early school start times on the public radar.
Fueling the Momentum
Even as the school year winds down, Start School Later will continue to work throughout the summer and beyond. With our success come even greater needs to broaden the scope of our outreach, provide more streamlined access to our information, support our local chapters, and develop toolkits for advocates and leaders to educate others on the negative impact of early school start times. Your tax deductible support is critical if we are to continue our work and respond to the many inquiries we receive each week. 

You can support our work through a donation, a purchase through AmazonSmile, or by buying Start School Later merchandise (bumper stickers, mugs, etc.) from our CafePress storeMeanwhile, we remain grateful for all your support  in  our efforts to ensure healthy, safe, and equitable school hours.

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Our Newest Local Chapters
Edwardsville, IL
New Paltz, NY
Germantown, TN
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We now have 24 chapters in 14 states and are growing!

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