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Has anyone noticed the issue of sleep is everywhere in the news lately? From Oxford to Harvard to Washington, DC, read the most recent calls to action. With four years of advocacy and some tremendous partnerships, Start School Later is truly impacting the conversation about adolescent and teen health and school schedules.

Heather and the Start School Later Team


Radical Suggestion from the UK?

"School start times should be put back to as late as 11am to combat a sleep-deprivation crisis among young people, a scientist has suggested.

Start School Later Advisory Board Member Paul Kelley, of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford, said young people in Britain were losing on average 10 hours’ sleep a week, making them more sleep-deprived than a junior doctor on a 24-hour shift." This idea caught the attention of US teens and adults alike, spawning conversations in real life as well as on social media.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan 

Our visits to Department of Education seem to have gained us an increasingly vocal partner in Washington. Secretary Duncan on video advocating for later starts: Watch here.

Volunteers Wanted: 
Carmel, CA and Virginia Beach, VA

We are looking for people willing to voice their support and help move efforts in these local areas forward. Carmel contact: Hilary Leforte at Virginia Beach contact: Phyllis Payne at

Myth Busting: Too Costly to Change?

The health and safety of our students should not be a negotiated budget item. Practically speaking, though, when the cost of scheduling buses is broken down by student positively impacted, it's extremely cost-effective.

The Brookings Institute Hamilton Project Report on School Improvement calculated a benefit to cost ratio is 9 to 1. When considering how to solve the transportation puzzle, creative solutions are out there. Every single public school in Ohio that switched to later hours due to sleep research did so at no cost, or, in some cases, cost savings. Read more.


Call To Action: Take a few minutes

Grab one of these printable flyers and distribute to your local PTA, or tweet out one of the infographics. Easy.

Looking for SSL Merchandise?

Help support Start School Laer and visibility for our organization at your local events. Shop Here.

Events Across the Country

Visit our site's Calendar of Events for upcoming events & sign up to receive weekly updates.Let us know if your local chapter has a gathering planned. There's lots going on!

Start School Later in the News

Durham, NC is one of the latest school district to lead the charge to start high schools at a later, healthier time.  Influenced by the activity in Fairfax, VA and Montgomery County, MD, the school district plans to implement the 9:00am high school start for the 2016-2017 school year.

The Start School Later movement was featured in Aljazeera American's half hour program, Inside Story.  The program is repeating on the satellite news station and features an interview of Start School Later Co-Founder Maribel Ibrahim and a panel including a Fairfax, VA parent and Dr. Peter Stiepleman, Superintendent of Columbia, MO School District, which implemented later high school starts in 2013-2014.
More news here

From Coast to Coast

Westbrook, ME: Since a change in 2012-2013, Superintendent Dr. Marc Gousse says,"People are more alert, more engaged, less tardiness, better attendance, and I think overall that's a positive piece," Read More

Seattle, WA: If approved, Seattle would become the largest school system in Washington state to move to later high school start times. A committee formed by Superintendent of Schools recommends that Seattle move middle and high schools later and elementary schools earlier. Start School Later Seattle calls it "a major step forward." Read More

Fairfax County, VA, One Month In

“The transition to later high school start times went very smoothly,” says Steven Greenburg, president of the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers, “Our students will know our focus is our on their care and education — an investment in the future leaders of this community, what’s that worth?” Read More
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