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Vol 1 Issue 5
November 2012

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A Hearty Thank You!

Based on our last request for interviews, we received over 100 submissions of families willing to share their stories about school start times.  While Start School Later, Inc. was not specifically mentioned in the subsequent article, the Wall Street Journal reporter cited information from our website, attributing it as "reports gathered by advocates".  Also, all the families featured in the article were directly contacted from our interview request.

Thanks to you, early school start times is becoming a mainstream problem worthy of attention.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

We are thrilled to announce the formation of its newest chapter, Start School Later Arlington, Texas
Chapter Founder Debbie Moore gained local media publicity, when she launched a petition and requested a meeting with her local school board.  Visit the Arlington Chapter Page for more details and media clips.

Speaking of Petitions....

Our Montgomery County, MD chapter has struck a nerve with over 8,500 local petition signers.  Listen to Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr respond to an on-air question posed by Maribel on the Kojo Namdi show.  The show is an hour long, but you can fast forward to 25:50 to get the response.

Meanwhile, the Anne Arundel County, MD chapter reissued a new petition with over 1,800 signers that requests local policy changes for school start times and/or bus schedules to improve student health and safety.  The chapter has already held two local working sessions and plans are underway to ramp up education awareness and collaborations with county legislators and school officials.

Greenfield, WI has also put the issue of school start times back on its radar screen, even with public opposition, thanks to the valiant efforts of our own Dolores Skowronek.  After presenting information at a recent Board of Education meeting, the early school start issue was added as a future agenda item.

Local Chapters

We are currently working with contacts in other states, such as California, Connecticut, New York and Michigan and the interest in local chapters is growing. 
Local Chapters are:
  • Easy to start
  • Effective for generating interest
  • Build media attention
We can help you every step of the way.  To start a local chapter in your community, contact us.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

There are still communities that continue to ignore the need for early school starts, such as Amherst, MA.  While the Amherst article is more of an op-ed piece, citing opinions instead of actual facts, it is clear that myths and misconceptions prevail among key decision makers determining school schedules.  A quick review of our Myths and Misconceptions link answers many of the obstacles posed by Amherst.

We must continue to educate the public on the health and safety issue of early school starts.

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Help Us Reach our First Milestone!

We are at the halfway point before we have enough funds to apply for 501c3 status.  Having this status is important, because it will allow us to request funding and grants to advance the cause of implementing later school start times across America. 

No donation is too small and we hope you will consider supporting us so we can continue to advocate for your school students,

Donate safely and conveniently, via PayPal.

Thank you for helping us Start School Later.

Maribel C. Ibrahim
Start School Later

Take Action!

Help us continue the fight for protecting the health and safety of public school children.

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About Start School Later

Start School Later is a national coalition working to ensure that all public schools can set hours compatible with health, safety, equity, and learning.

Start School Later, Inc. is now offically incorporated as a not-for-profit organization.  This furthers our mission to function as an organization that is able to champion the cause of healthy school starts for the long-term, both nationally and locally.

Future Projects
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  • Congressional Briefings
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  • Cost Savings Projections of Later Starts

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