Start School Later
Vol 3 Issue 2
February 2014

Happy February!  We hope to continue to share our love for sleep this Valentine's season.  Read on for the work we are continuing to do on your behalf to improve the health and safety of our sleep deprived youth.
Sleep as a Strategic Initiative
The Ohio Adolescent Health Partnership (OAHP) is a group of agencies, organizations and individuals with expertise in adolescent health and wellness.  Because of the involvement of Start School Later Ohio's Stacy Simera, Sleep Health has been added as one of their strategic objectives.  The statewide initiative has been so successful in establishing strategic plans for adolescent health that Minnesota and Idaho are also considering launching a similar partnership.
Legislative Efforts in 4 States
Start School Later continues to work toward legislation at the state level.  Over the last year, we're proud to have been involved with getting legislation started in Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland and Virginia.  Your support, whether it is in the form of starting a local chapter, donating to the cause, signing our petitions or buying our merchandise, helps to continue to work for you to eradicate the need to stop requiring children to wake in the 5 o'clock hour, just to get to school.
League of Women Voters
Following a panel discussion on adolescent sleep patterns last month, SSL Arlington Director Debbie Moore was able to connect with the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Tarrant County about working to release an official position statement on school start times. Other chapters of the League have been instrumental in pushing school start time changes elsewhere in the country.
Success in Seattle
The Seattle School Nurses Association recently passed a resolution calling for secondary schools to start no earlier than 8:30 a.m.  Roosevelt High School staff also passed a similar resolution and teachers at Ballard High School voted in support of later school start times.  SSL Seattle has worked tirelessly to bring together educators, parents and local sleep scientists to support later school start times.

While there is still much work to be done, the public awareness of the need for later school start times is increasing one chapter at a time!

Start School Later In the News
The #StartSchoolLater movement is enjoying significant press.  We have been covered by Smithsonian Magazine, LIfehacker and School Transportation News.  Click here to see the most recent press about Start School Later, Inc.
Click here to see editorial support for starting school later, including local and national papers, such as the Salt Lake City Tribune, The Capital, The Seattle Times and The Washington Post, among others.

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