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Vol 2 Issue 2
November 2013

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US Education Secretary Tweets His Support

The Start School Later Movement (which now has Wikipedia status!) received a burst of support in August when U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan tweeted his support. His tweet read:

"Common sense to improve student achievement that too few have implemented. let teens sleep more, start school later."

The tweet was a reaction to an editorial in the Washington Post also supporting later, sleep-friendly high school start times and sparked media coverage all over the United States.

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Teens and Sleep Conference 2013

In October our Executive Director, Terra Ziporyn Snider, traveled to Minneapolis to attend the first national conference on Teens and Sleep, sponsored by the University of Minnesota ."It was inspiring to meet and exchange ideas with so many health professionals and school leaders - including the pillars of later start time research and administrators who had led reforms in their communities," she reported. "What was also clear, though, was that the research and health community need to work hand-in-hand with grassroots advocates if they are going to help communities prioritize sleep and healthy school hours, Changing those priorities is essential if we expect local reform efforts to succeed."

Legislation Here, There, and Everywhere

Legislative efforts to ensure healthy school start times are breathing new life in local reform efforts across the USA. To date we've received reports of proposed bills in the following states:
  • Maryland: Last year HB1462 sponsored by Delegate Aruna Miller (D-15) received unanimous support in the MD House of Delegates before being voted down in Senate Committee. A new bill on Healthy School Hours is being drafted for the 2013-14 legislative session.
  • Massachusetts. S215 introduced by Senator Cynthia S. Creem (D-Newton) authorizes a study of starting times and schedules of public schools.
  • Florida: HB67 introduced by Representative Matt Gaetz (R-4) would prohibit public high schools in Florida from starting before 8 a.m.
  • Virginia. Last year Virginia Virginia Delegate Kaye Kory (D-38) introduced unsuccessful legislation (HB1894) that would have requirde public instruction to start after 8 a.m. Our partners at SLEEP in Fairfax tell us that the legislature will consider this issue again in the 2014 session.
More bills may be brewing in Ohio and Texas, according to SSL sources. Stay tuned! If want more information about how you can help support these bills, or know of school start time-related legislation elsewhere, please contact us.

New Chapters

We are thrilled to announce the formation of three new chapters, bringing us to 14 total chapters across the USA:

Start School Later Westchester County, NY: Dr. Toni Lyn Salvatore, Medical Director of Greenwich Hospital's Pediatric Center, got involved with school start time issues when she found her 9th grade son, always a star math student, suddenly struggling to pass his accelerated math class. It turned out that he was falling asleep in class, hardly surprising with a 6 a.m. wake-up call. Dr. Salvatore has been trying to alert the Henrick Hudson School Board about the health implications of early school start times and is petitioning them for change.

Start School Later Chicago. Serving the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, this chapter was started by Dr. Nitin Soorya, an emergency physician and Barrington parent who sees first-hand the detrimental effects of our nation's sleep-deprived lifestyle and understands the potential for growing sleep research to impact the health and safety of youth. He welcomes any Chicagoland SSL supporters to contact him to work on local reforms.

Start School Later Long Island was started by Susan Lamontagne, a communications specialist from Suffolk County, where middle schools start as early as 7:20 am Susan first contacted her school board about the dangers of early school start times back in 2010, but the perceived negative impact on sports quickly tabled the issue. Start School Later supporters concerned about school hours in Long Island schools should contact Susan for more information.

You can find links to our other chapters on the Start School Later website. If you don't see a chapter in your area, please consider forming one!  Local Chapters are:
  • Easy to start
  • Effective for generating local interest
  • Credible for boosting local efforts
  • Powerful for media attention
We can help you every step of the way.  To start a local chapter in your community, contact us.

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Start School Later is a national, nonprofit coalition working to ensure that all public schools can set hours compatible with health, safety, equity, and learning.

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