August 2020 Newsletter 
Volume 9, Issue 8
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News from Start School Later

Starting Schools Later

At Start School Later, we get lots of news alerts about schools "starting later." Lately most of these are about starting school later in the calendar year, not later in the day. In the past few weeks, though, we've had some heartening news about districts moving their HOURS LATER--not just during the pandemic, but going forward.

It now seems that what was "impossible" is very possible indeed. Though no one would wish this pandemic on anyone, it is giving districts an unprecedented opportunity--and reason--to put health and safety first.

This month's newsletter highlights some of these districts, plus shares more encouraging news and opportunities.

All best wishes,

Terra Ziporyn Snider, PhD
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Start School Later

Starting School Later--It's a Thing

Even with online or no classes, school boards across the nation are seriously considering delaying classes based on the sleep needs of students--including communities that never before seriously considered any changes. Some are making the change NOW, for both online and any future in-person classes.

Here are just a few that have come to our attention in just the past couple of months:

Palo Alto, CA 
New Canaan, CT 
Philadelphia, PA 
Bristol, VA
Thanks to our generous supporters (including many of you!), we will soon be releasing the first version of Let's Sleep!, our online initiative including practical advice to help teens sleep and live better. 

This joint initiative of Brigham & Women's Hospital's Division of Sleep & Circadian Disorders and Healthy Hours, SSL's education arm, features compelling, accessible, and scientifically accurate sleep education materials--accessible ONLINE--for students, parents, teachers, and school administrators. Stay tuned!
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Quote of the Month
Previous schedules have been swept away. Schools are re-envisioning how to best meet students’ academic and health needs, which will likely require modifying bus transportation, teacher schedules, sports schedules and more. As schools implement these necessary adjustments, they can help set the foundation for success by taking the importance of sleep into account.
                                                                       — Lisa Lewis, The74
Research News
This month's JBR offers an important reminder from pioneering adolescent sleep researcher Dr. Mary Carskadon. The Start School Later issue is not only about health, safety, and learning but also about social justice.
"The Time has Come to Expand Our Studies of School Timing for Adolescents", Mary A. Carskadon
Editorial by Mary Carskadon

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