June 2020 Newsletter 
Volume 9, Issue 6
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News from Start School Later

Wanted: Teens for Upcoming Video

First and foremost, I hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

The challenges we're confronting right now remind me how essential it is to work together for the safety, health, and equity of our children and communities. Safe and healthy school start times are a small but nonetheless vital part of that work as we simultaneously address the pressing, pervasive challenges to those same goals.

Along those lines, I am excited to share two great opportunities for middle and high school students still stuck at home: a chance to appear in a "teen sleep" video and another chance to take our teen sleep survey. Find out more below, together with monthly news and resources about teen sleep and healthy school hours. And don't forget to join us as a supporting member to ensure you continue to get monthly updates.

All best wishes,

Terra Ziporyn Snider, PhD
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Start School Later

Wanted: Students for Let's Sleep! Video Project

We need 10 students to participate in filmed Zoom calls on June 15 with renowned pediatric sleep doctor, Dr. Craig Canapari of Yale University. The calls will be used in upcoming videos about the realities of high school life and teen sleep on our Let’s Sleep! website and included in our signature Sleep 101 program.
Students selected to participate will each receive a $25 Amazon gift card. 

For more information, contact Pallas Ziporyn at pziporyn@bwh.harvard.edu.

It's Not Too Late!
You Can Still Take Our Teen Sleep Survey

We put together this new survey to get a sense of the sleep-wake cycle of students no longer restrained by the usual school schedule--and maybe even inform future policies. Here's how you can help:
Teen Sleep Survey
Thank you for your help taking and sharing this important project. We'd like this survey to reach as many student communities as possible! 
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We knew this, of course, but it's great to see the influential pediatrician and public health blogger Dr. Aaron Carroll share the news via The New York Times Opinion section.
Research News
Study: Relationship between sleep duration and mood in adolescents
This global study of over 350,000 teens confirms that lack of sleep can affect mental health, causing anhedonia (or loss of pleasure), anxiety, anger and significantly increasing the risk of depression.

The researchers note, however, that easy interventions--including delaying school start times--can improve teen mental health.

Sleep matters for children (and people) of all ages.

If you have little ones, don't miss this new book by Dr. Craig Canapari, Director of Yale University's Pediatric Sleep Medicine Program (and chapter leader of Start School Later Guildford, CT!)
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